Club Awards and Trophies

The New Zealand Alpine Club has several awards and trophies that are given out to members to acknowledge their achievements in various areas.

Over the years the Photographic Competition prizes were lost along with descriptions on what they were. The Harrison Memorial Trophy turned out to be a painting and was found hanging in Unwin Lodge Mt Cook in 2008. More recently (2009) the Egmont-Tasman Trohpy was discovered in a garage. Members are asked to check their garages and attics in case we can also recover the Guide Alack Challenge Cup and Dorflinger Trophy as described below.

This page will be updated as information and/or photograph, become available. Our thanks to Club member Julie Provan for her welcome assistance in tracking down the lists of past trophy winners for us. If anyone happens to be able to fill in the remaining gaps in our records, their input would be greatly appreciated.

The information on our various awards has been broken down into separate pages. Please follow the links below to find the area you are interested in.

 2008 VOTY Winner

Volunteer of the Year Award






 J D Knowles 1st Alpine Winner 1936

Photographic Competition History - overview

Harrison Memorial Trophy - overall champion photograph

Guide Alack Challenge Cup - most outstanding photograph of mountaineering as judged by a mountaineer

Erica Beuzenberg Memorial Award (formerly the Dorflinger Trophy) - most oustanding alpine nature photograph

Egmont-Tasman Trophy - inter-section competition prize

Gottlieb Braun-Elwert Award (no trophy) - for the best Youth Category photograph


National Boulder Series.