NZAC Expedition Fund

About the Expedition Fund

NZAC members planning an overseas trip with defined and significant climbing objectives can apply for a grant from the Club's Expedition Fund. Assistance may be given for rock climbing but, because of the smaller financial commitment for such trips, they are less likely to qualify. Trekking trips with climbs of minor peaks or informal trips without defined objectives do not usually qualify. Grants are only made to Club members. See a list of current and past recipients, plus Expedition Reports.

Donate to the fund

The Expedition Fund is financed directly from donations from Members and not from core subscriptions. When paying their subscription Members can make optional donations to the Fund. Make a donation to the Expedition Fund.


Many factors, not least of which the health of the fund, determine the success of apllications. The criteria, in order of importance, are:

  • first ascent of a peak or route
  • exploration of new areas
  • first ascent of a peak or route by NZAC members
  • first exploration of new areas by NZAC members
  • first expedition (preferably under 30 years old)
  • an ascent of international significance
  • section expedition (must also have Section financial support)

Applying for a Grant

Please use our Expedition Fund application form (Word format 104kb) (PDF format 32kb) when applying for a grant. (Note: check your browser's pop-up blocker settings if the above forms do not open, or try another browser). Once completed, this form can be either emailed to expeditionfund [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz or posted to The Convener, Overseas Climbing Committee, New Zealand Alpine Club Inc., PO Box 786, Christchurch Mail Centre 8140.

The Overseas Climbing Committee considers applications twice a year - applications must be submitted by either 31 January or 31 July . Applications received outside these times will not be considered. Grants can not be made to expeditions that have already left the country.

Conditions of Grants

These vary but will always include the following:

  • Agreement to supply an article with photographs for the next edition of the NZ Alpine Journal.
  • Agreement to provide a short summary for The Climber with up-to-date information on local conditions and problems.
  • Agreement to give a lecture to your local Section and, on an expense reimbursement basis, to any other Sections of the Club which may request a talk.
  • A grant may be tied to a particular expense such as purchase of equipment or payment of a peak fee. Any equipment purchased through a grant or borrowed is the property of the Club and to be returned. Consideration may be given in special cases to a loan with repayment from surplus expedition funds or from Members.

Support for Other Funding

Even if the Club cannot provide funding it may be able to give useful support for your application for funding from government and private organisations. The Mount Everest Foundation in England welcomes applications from New Zealand climbing expeditions and has made grants to a number of these over the last few years.

Expedition Objectives

That's for you to decide but the NZAC may be able to provide contact addresses for climbers (in New Zealand and overseas) who have been there before, or have access to published information. This could include Club Members or other contacts in the countries you are visiting. The Club libraries contain sets of overseas climbing journals which are available for reference.


Some governments and authorities, particularly in Asia e.g. Nepal, require that your credentials are verified. An endorsement on the Club's letterhead can open doors for you. How do you get an endorsement? Just write to The Convenor, Overseas Climbing Sub-Committee, PO Box 786, Christchurch giving brief details of exactly what you want. An endorsement can usually be given promptly. What you will get is a suitable endorsement - the Club will not guarantee that you'll "perform" or undertake to rescue you from jail for illegal activities.

Letters of Introduction

These are similar to an endorsement, are given on the Club's letterhead and read something like:
We want to introduce you to ............. and ............. who are members of the Club /experienced climbers. Give them as much help as you can.

Such letters have been provided routinely in Spanish for climbers and trampers visiting South America. They could be handy when foreign Customs start giving you the once over.


The Club is not in the business of hiring or maintaining great stashes of gear. The Club may also be able to put you in contact with others who have specialized gear or with other New Zealand climbers going to the same region before or after you. You may be able to share gear and thus reduce costs.

Past Grant Recipients

Read about past grant recipients.