Loss of Deposits Insurance

NZAC is pleased to provide Loss of Deposits Insurance to NZAC members resident in New Zealand who are participating in an NZAC or other instruction course or guided trip within New Zealand (e.g. Adventure Consultants, Alpinism & Ski Wanaka, Alpine Guides or Aspiring Guides). 

We also have a curtailment extension for those undertaking an NZMGA course.

This insurance endorsement has been made possible by Alpine Risk Management (see Financial Disclosure Statement, pdf 195kb) and are underwritten by ACE Insurance Ltd.

As soon as you have booked your NZAC or other company's course, or guided trip, it is advisable to take out our 'Loss of Deposits' Insurance.

What LOD Insurance covers

Once you have paid for your course or trip, then for any unforeseen circumstance* you are unable to attend, you are covered for the loss of deposits made up to a maximum of $5,000 exclusive of GST. An excess of $100 will apply to each and every claim.

*as defined in the endorsement.

Loss of Deposits Endorsement wording (pdf, 107KB)

Full Insurance Policy Document (pdf, 273kb)

Curtailment Extension for NZMGA Courses

If your course has commenced and you have to withdraw from the course at any time prior to completion due to an unforeseen circumstance*, you are eligible for a refund of 50% of the non refundable part of the course and accommodation costs paid for during that time.

An excess of $100 will apply to each and every claim.

*as defined in the endorsement.

Loss of Deposits NZMGA Endorsement wording (pdf, 109KB)

Full Insurance Policy Document (pdf, 273kb)

Optional Extension 

For an additional premium, cover can be extended to insure you for any unrecoverable travel or accommodation expenses associated with You traveling to or from the Course of Instruction and for Your accommodation directly before or directly after the course.  The maximum you may claim under this extension is $1,000 and is subject to a single policy excess of $100. This benefit is in addition to the loss of any deposits.



The Loss of deposits Insurance Premium is 5% of the cost of your course/trip fee.
The Optional Extension for Travel and Accommodation Insurance = NZD$57.50 (GST incl).


Download a copy of the Application form (PDF, 481KB) and send it to Narina in an email to insurance [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz; by fax: (03) 3777 594 or post to PO Box 786, Christchurch 8140.

Please note that all applicants must be NZAC members - if you are not currently a member you can join at the same time - see the Application Form for more details and visit Membership Benefits to see some of the other benefits of joining NZAC.

Who is eligible for LOD insurance:

  • NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Visitors from overseas living and working legally in NZ with an appropriate visa (visitors to NZ on tourist visas only are not eligible for our LOD insurance)
  • Australian residents can obtain this cover through our Travel Insurance.


All Claims are handled by Alpine Risk Management (see Financial Disclosure Statement, pd 195kb). Visit the Claims webpage for more details.

An excess of $100 applies to each and every claim.

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