Travel Insurance for Non-NZAC Members

The NZAC is pleased to be able to provide travel insurance to New Zealand residents who are travelling overseas.

What makes our insurance cover different from other travel insurance policies is that it not only covers you for ordinary leisure travel but it can be extended to include cover for ‘higher risk activities’ such as trekking, skiing (including back country), rock climbing and mountaineering (see List of Activities for further activities covered).

We also have a flat rate available for those travelling for over 120 days where cover is provided for any number of these ‘high risk activities’ for the duration of your trip.

This insurance policy has been made possible by Alpine Risk Management (see Financial Disclosure Statement, pdf 195kb) and is underwritten by ACE Insurance Ltd.

Previously only NZAC members could take out our insurance, now, non-members can apply for our insurance however all applications have a $70 non-NZAC member fee. If you would like to join NZAC, you can do so and not incur this fee. Visit the Membership website for more information about the other benefits of joining NZAC.

Summary of Benefits

  • Personal Accident Limit $25,000
  • Medical Expenses Unlimited
        Search and Rescue costs are limited to NZ$100,000
        Pre-existing medical conditions may be considered on application
  • ACE Assistance Included
  • Loss of Deposits $10,000
  • Baggage/Business Property Limit $15,000
        Limit NZ$2,500 any one article
        No cover for sporting or climbing equipment whilst in use
        Electronic equipment limited to $10,000
        Deprivation of baggage limited to $2,500
        Money/Travel documents limited to $2,000
  • Resumption of Travel Limit $10,000
  • Personal Liability Limit $2,000,000
  • Rental Vehicle Collision Damage Waiver Limit $5,000
  • Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Limit $10,000

Policy Details

For a full copy of the Policy wording, see: New Zealand Alpine Club Leisure Travel Insurance Policy (PDF, 273KB)

If you have a question about our travel insurance, visit our FAQ's webpage or if you can't find the answer there, email narina [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz (Narina).

Premium Pricing Schedule

Download the Premium Pricing Schedule - pdf (174kb) or send your completed application to narina [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz (Narina) for a quote.

Service Fees

$75.00 non-NZAC member fee applies to all applications - you may choose to join NZAC instead to avoid this fee.

$30.00 service charge applies to all applications

Additional NZ$50.00 ‘urgent processing fee' applies for all applications requiring processing within 5 working days of departure


NZAC process all insurance applications.

Download a copy of the Application Form (PDF, 272KB) and send it to Narina in an email to insurance [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz; by fax: (03) 3777 594 or post to PO Box 786, Christchurch 8140.  A quote will always be sent before payment is required / taken.

If you have an Existing Medical Condition(s), there may be an additional form to be completed. See the webpage for more details on what is required.

Please note:

  • Insurance cover must be taken out for your entire trip from leaving New Zealand to returning home.  On a case by case basis one-way ticket holders may apply, see our FAQ for details on what information is required with your application.
  • All prices quoted are in NZD.
  • NZAC process all insurance applications, so please do not contact the insurer, or broker directly to set up a policy. Please contact Narina at insurance [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz for enquiries and applications.
  • Please allow at least 10 working days for application processing just in case there are approvals needed to be obtained with your application.  There is an additional 'Urgent Processing Fee' of $50 for applications made within 5 days of departure.  This fee is at the discretion of the New Zealand Alpine Club to deter late applications and is not imposed by ACE Insurance, or Alpine Risk Management.
  • Tips for hire company - compulsory vehicle insurance (PDF, 174KB)


All Claims are handled by Alpine Risk Management (see Financial Disclosure Statement, pdf 195kb). Visit the Claims webpage for more details.


1.  I had an overseas trip planned and managed to get travel insurance through NZAC to cover mountaineering and climbing.  They were very helpful, hassle free and easy to work with.  Unfortunately the trip had to be cancelled before I left NZ and NZAC insurance helped me reclaim most of the cancelation fee for my flights.  Again, very helpful, hassle free and easy to work with.  Top effort guys.  Thank you.

Hamish Quinlan (Christchurch, NZ) - August 2014

2.  Many thanks for the expedient manner in which Alpine Risk Management handled our NZAC travel insurance claim following an accident that occurred during a yacht cruise in the Cook Islands.  

We really appreciate the way they followed up with ACE on our behalf. Our claims for medical care and additional travel/accommodation expenses were met quickly and professionally. 

Thanks again, we intend to use your insurance for any future adventure travel and would recommend without hesitation the service to other NZAC members.

David Cregan & Elspeth Macdonald (Nelson, New Zealand) - August 2014.

3.  I recently had a fantastic 2 month trip through Indian and Japan, including skiing at Gulmarg which is amazing!  Unfortunately I had a backpack full of my camera gear and electronics stolen off a train near Delhi, and while I lost a few weeks worth of photos, there was nothing that coundn't eventually be replaced with insurance. 

Peter was extraordinarily helpful throughout the claims process after I returned home, always keeping me up to date with how the claim was progressing, and always passing on correspondence from ACE straight away.  Even when I had dispute over the replacement of some of my camera gear, Peter followed it up with ACE on my behalf and we got a great outcome. 

I would highly recommend the NZAC insurance to all other skiers and travellers heading overseas - its definiately worth it!

James Mortimer (New Zealand) - May 2012

4.  Over the year I had 3 claims (one broken tooth while munching some bread in Spain, one smashed camera on a rock in Nepal and one stolen GoreTex jacket from my hostel in Patagonia).  I emailed with Peter Garrett from Alpinerisk, who was extremely helpful, advising me what documents to obtain (police report, hostel manager's report for the stolen jacket) and how to submit my claims.  I was able to hand in all the documentation after I got back to New Zealand (not being able to scan overseas and not trusting the Argentinian mail).  The process was very uncomplicated and the forms were easy to fill in.  Within a few days I got the ok that my 3 claims would be covered in full (minus the $250 excess respectively).  I am really pleased and impressed how accommodating the insurance company was and can recommend it to other club members.  I was lucky that I had only minor problems but it is good to know that there is an insurance that would back you when there is a serious emergency.

Thank you very much for providing this service for members.
Katja Riedel (New Zealand) - March 2012

5. Throughout 2011 I have been fortunate enough to spend the bulk of the year traveling around the globe on a trip which has included stop overs in Asia, Europe and South America. Where I split my time between climbing in the mountains and pursuing more traditional tourist activities while enjoying the European summer. Due to the varied nature of the activities I had planned when abroad, putting together a satisfactory insurance package at first proved to be an issue. However when I approached the NZAC they were, quickly and without issue, able to put together a comprehensive package through Alpinerisk and ACE that easily covered all of my needs. And while thankfully my time spent in the mountains was without incident I did unfortunately have a bag stolen while traveling through Greece. During the claim process I found Peter Garrett from Alpinerisk extremely helpful and proactive in his approach, which made the whole process very easy to deal with. And I would not hesitate to recommend taking out similar coverage to all other prospective travelers and climbers!
Ben Dare (New Zealand) - September 2011

6. In June (2011) I had to cancel a climbing trip to Peru due to volcanic ash disrupting flights.

I had taken out NZAC Insurance and Peter Garrett at Alpinerisk provided absolutely fantastic service following up my claim, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for the settlement. I never needed to contact him regarding the status of my claim, he was on to it and always one step ahead!

Just thought you would like that feedback and I would be happy for this to be used as a testimonial in support of the service.
Dave Woods (New Zealand)

7. After having the misfortune to break my leg skiing, my partner and I suffered a further blow to hear that my father-in-law was gravely ill.

This combination of events resulted in a series of unplanned, added expenses such as medical, hire cars and special flights. Then there was a major loss in course and accommodation costs to recover. The resulting bill came to over $7,000 Australian and we were delighted with the assistance we received from Peter Garrett at Alpine Risk Management who handled our claim for us.

ACE Insurance were happy to cover all our costs and with ongoing medical bills still to come through, my partner and I are so pleased that we made the right choice with the cover we took out. Consequently, we are more than happy to recommend the New Zealand Alpine Club’s Travel Insurance scheme to other prospective applicants.
Tracey and Chris (Australia)

Disclosure: Included in the premium charged is a 10% commission for the New Zealand Alpine Club Inc.