Accommodation Plan and Policy

 image by Colin MonteathUnwin Lodge: Aoraki Mt Cook : image by Colin Monteath


“To be a leading provider of alpine accommodation in New Zealand.”


“To actively manage and improve the Club’s network of base accommodation and mountain huts to provide a sustainable resource and service for Club members.”

Delegated Role

“The Accommodation Subcommittee shall oversee the management of the Club’s capital assets, and ensure that their integrity and value to the Club are enhanced by adequate short and long term plans for maintenance and repair; and plan for the construction of new buildings. With the Finance Subcommittee, the Accommodation Subcommittee shall develop long term financial strategies as part of these plans.” (Club Rules)

Strategic Plan Items: “Unwin Lodge has been upgraded to provide the Club’s flagship property at Aoraki Mount Cook; a new club hut near the Beetham Valley has been completed; average annual occupancy of Unwin, Aspiring, Porter, Homer and Arthur’s Pass lodges has increased to 40%; average annual occupancy of Pioneer, Centennial, French Ridge and Colin Todd is maintained at 30%.” (2005-2010 Plan)

Current Committee Members

  • richardwesley [at] yahoo [dot] com (Richard Wesley) Convenor | Canterbury Westland Section   
  • john [dot] h [dot] cocks [at] nz [dot] mwhglobal [dot] com (John Cocks) | Otago Section 
  • richard [dot] knott [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz (Richard Knott) | Central North Island Section  
  • mcbrichardson [at] gmail [dot] com (Michael Richardson) | Auckland Section | Ruapehu Hut 
  • twopeaks [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz (Ian Rogers) | South Canterbury Section 
  • ctan [at] clear [dot] net [dot] nz (Chas Tanner) | Otago Section  
  • philip [dot] tree [at] tait [dot] co [dot] nz (Philip Tree )| Canterbury Westland Section
  • mealluaine [at] actrix [dot] co [dot] nz (Alistair Walker) | Southland Section | Homer Hut  
Additional non-committee interested parties included in correspondence on interest related Accommodation matters

  • Simon Middlemass and Pip Walter |  Unwin Lodge Managers
  • Jerome Waldren and Ben Winnubst | Porter Lodge for Nelson Section
  • John Henson | Arthur's Pass for Canty/Westland Section
  • Sam Newton | Alpine Huts for National Office
  • Margaret McMahon | Base Huts for National Office

Homer HutHomer Hut

Accommodation Policy Document

This document contains the Club's policy on operating the accommodation network. Comments, suggestions, additions and feedback is always welcome:

Accommodation Policy Ammendments for CCM October 2009 (pdf 81kb)

Meeting Minutes

All files are in printable PDF format. If you are unable to view this format please visit the site to obtain a free download of the software.

2015 | May (191kb) | Accm report for May CCM (294kb)
2014 | May (191kb) | Sep (49kb) | Nov (46kb)
2013 | Sep (200kb)
2012 | Jun (12kb) | Nov (41kb) |
2011 |
2010 | Jan (30kb) | Mch (20kb) |
2009 | March (13kb) | Sep (145kb) |
2008 | Feb (15kb) | Apr (17kb) | Sept (11kb) | Nov (16kb)
2007 | Mch (14kb) | Jun (30kb) |
2006 | Jul (24kb) | Oct (21kb) | Dec (11kb)

Godley HutGodley Hut

Financial Information & Past Reports

2013 Hut Fee Revision (182kb)

2011 Unwin Lodge Redevelopment Project

2009 Unwin Lodge Survey (36kb)

1992 – 2008 Accommodation Income Figures (13kb)

2006 Completion Report Homer Hut Upgrade (PDF, 421KB)

2001 Possible Future Hut Projects (PDF, 1.1MB)

2001 Huts Review Implementation (PDF, 58KB)

2001 NZAC Huts Progress Review (129kb)

Information on Individual Huts and Lodges

Ruapehu HutRuapehu Hut

More information on huts, including location, photos and history.

Strategic Objectives

  • Run a hut management system that provides for the lawful and efficient operation and maintenance of Club huts and associated facilities and follows modern, asset management practice.
  • Investigate and identify potential important climbing accommodation locations and needs.
  • Ensure that maintenance work is carried out on Club huts via Club Sections, DoC agreements, and/or the National Office.
  • To balance accommodation expenditure against accommodation income.