Annual General Meetings and Club Committee Meetings

AGM Minutes

The Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all NZAC members to attend. In recent years the meeting has been followed by a lively debate, with a different topic each year. These have included: "Should the South Ridge of Mt Cook be named ‘Hillary Ridge’?" (Ed Hillary's account of the first ascent was published in the New Zealand Alpine Journal, June 1948); “Where are climbing expeditions going in the next 10 years?”; “Mt Everest: Why It Should Still Be on Your Bucket List” and "Competition is a Fundamental Aspect of Climbing".

AGM Minutes 2008 (PDF, 27kb) | AGM Minutes 2009 (PDF, 18kb) | AGM Minutes 2010 (PDF, 45kb) | AGM Minutes 2011 (PDF, 12kb) | AGM Minutes 2012 (PDF 48kb) | AGM Minutes 2013 (PDF, 18kb) | AGM Minutes 2014 (none) |

Annual Reports

CCM Minutes

The Club Committee is the governing body of NZAC. Each Section sends a representative to the Club Committee Meeting  (CCM), which is held twice a year, in May and October.

Section Representatives

CCM May 2008 (PDF, 39KB) | CCM Oct 2008 (PDF, 40KB) |  CCM Minutes May 2009 (PDF, 42KB) |  CCM Minutes Oct 2009 (PDF, 55KB) | CCM minutes May 2010 (PDF, 53KB)  | CCM minutes Oct 2010 (PDF 103KB) | CCM minutes May 2011 (PDF, 78KB) | CCM minutes Nov 2011 (PDF, 91KB) | CCM Minutes May 2012 (PDF, 31kb) | CCM Minutes Oct 212 (PDF, 14kb) |  CCM Minutes May 2013 (PDF, 452kb) | CCM Minutes Nov 2013 (PDF, 390kb) | CCM May 2014 (none) | CCM Nov 2014 (PDF, 1.19mb) | CCM May 2015 not yet held |