How the Club is run

The Club Committee

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The general affairs of the Club are managed by the Club Committee. Eleven members of this Committee are Section Representatives, elected at the Annual General Meetings of their respective Sections. Each Section, depending on their size, has one or more votes on the Club Committee. Five of the remaining eight members of the Club Committee - the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Accommodation Convener, Publications Convener, and the Executive Committee Convener - are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club each November. To view the minutes from past AGMs and CCMs go to this webpage: AGM and CCM. The final positions are the President, the Immediate Past President and the President-Elect. The President-elect (and hence the President) is appointed by the Club Committee from nominations received from Members. See the Club Rules 11-16. A summary of Club activities for each year is collated into the NZAC Annual Report.

President 2013-2015 - current: John Cocks
President Elect 2015-2017- Penny Brothers
Executive Committee Chairperson: Geoff Gabites
Executive Committee: Hugh Logan
Honorary Secretary: George Edwards
Honorary Treasurer: Gillian Crombie
Accommodation Manager: Richard Wesley
Community Manager: Richard Thomson 
Sustainability Advocate: Shane Orchard 

Immediate Past President: Stu Gray
Link to information on: Past Presidents 

Section Representatives

The Club Committee meets twice a year to decide on Club policy and oversee the administration and activities of the Club. The meetings are typically in May, and in October after the Annual General Meeting. If necessary, the Committee can resolve matters at other times by way of conference and postal ballots.

Club Subcommittees

To assist the Club in its administration and activities a number of Subcommittees have been established including Accommodation, Community (Publications and Website), Events, Finance, Access, Advocacy and the Executive Subcommittee.

Accommodation Committee: Richard Wesley
Community Committee: Richard Thomson
Events Committee: Geoff Gabites
Recreation Advocacy Committee: Peter Barnes
Instruction Committee: Vacant

The Executive Committee 

The day to day administration of the Club is supervised by the Executive Committee. This consists of the Executive Committee Chair, President, President-Elect , Honorary Secretary, and one committee representative. The General Manager attends as an ex-officio. In practice only those members who live in the Headquarters region actually attend the monthly meetings held at the Club's National Office. The powers and functions of the Executive Committee are restricted and it frequently refers matters back to the Club Committee for discussion and approval. 

National Office Staff

General Manager: Sam Newton
National Administrator: Margaret McMahon
Publications Editor: Kester Brown
Programme Manager: Sefton Priestley
Administration Assistant: Narina Sutherland

Club Sections

The Club has 9 regional sections: Auckland, Central North Island, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, Canterbury/Westland, South Canterbury, North Otago, Otago, Southland and two overseas sections: Australia, Overseas (other).

Each section has a committee made up of Club members selected annually by their fellow Section Members. Details on Section positions can be found here: Club Sections.