Publications Plan and Policy

Aim: To provide a service to members by producing print and electronic publications that record and promote New Zealand climbing.

Convenor: Richard Thomson

Publications Committee: Kester Brown, Rob Addis, John Palmer, Geoff Spearpoint and Mark Watson Committee: Jonathan Hunt, Craig Jefferies, Grant Piper and Jeremy Smit

Strategic objectives

  • Publish a Club magazine and the annual Journal to ensure good communication with members and long term record of climbing activity.
  • Publish mountaineering guidebooks to cover general climbing activities in all major climbing areas of New Zealand.
  • Publish rock climbing and activity guidebooks as required to cover New Zealand rock climbing areas.
  • Control and implementation of standard Club branding across all areas of the Club.
  • Ensure the Club's websites are of a high standard to provide up to date and relevant information to members and those interested in New Zealand mountaineering.
  • Develop the national library and archives as a valuable resource for climbers and researchers.
  • Balance publications expenditure against publications income.

Current projects

Ongoing projects

  • Publish The Climber quarterly in colour.
  • Publish The Climber content, and regularly publish climbing news, at
  • Publish New Zealand Alpine Journal annually in colour with midweight gated cover.
  • Reprint NZAC guidebooks as required by stock levels.
  • Develop the NZAC library with complete sets of the NZAJClimberCanterbury Mountaineer, key overseas journals, and all New Zealand books in Langton (2005). Cull unwanted books, upgrade books collection by donations, or purchases, cover books.
  • Develop, implement and monitor a marketing plan for NZAC publications.
  • Design access signage for rock climbing crags.
  • Maintain map collection and trip reports on overseas climbing for use by NZAC members in expedition planning. Publish expedition reports at

Recent achievements