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Our motto was suggested by Leonard Harper, who was elected the New Zealand Alpine Club’s first president in 1891. It can be translated: ‘Take Action and Pursue Our Goals with Enthusiasm’.

Club Colours

In 1947 the club adopted the feather colours of the Kea, namely Box Elder Green and Tangerine 

Navy Blue and White have since become the present club colours

Club Badges

Originally (post WWII) NZAC member badges were created in bronze (as pictured), while associate members' badges were white metal.

The logo on club badges was redisigned in the early 2000's. Sew-on patches were also made available, but not widely adopted. The club logo now only appears on visors and beanies, which are available to all from the online shop.


The objectives of the Club are to encourage mountaineering, rock climbing and allied activities, and the enjoyment and conservation of mountain regions; and to bring together those interested in climbing (Club Rule 2a).

The Club aims to provide services for climbers, protect the interests and safety of climbers, and promote climbing activities (Club Rule 2b).

Strategic Plan 2010–2015

The Strategic Plan outlines the vision, core purpose and key strategic initiatives of the Club.
NZAC Strategic Plan 2010–15 (PDF, 86KB)


The Club’s structure and operations are defined in its rules.
NZAC Club rules


Privacy Policy 

Bolting Policy 2009 (PDF, 556kb)