Volunteer of the Year Award

 John SalisburyJohn Salisbury VOTY 2008 

This was first awarded in 2008 to acknowledge the hard work done by our much appreciated, behind the scenes volunteers. The Club was lucky enough to gain permission from (Veteran 50yr Member) Edgar Glass (1930-2008) and his family, to use his ice-axe for this special, annual award.

Criteria for Nomination
All nominees must have:
1. Been a NZAC member for at least 5 years
2. Current volunteer involvement with NZAC
3. Completed voluntary (ie unpaid) work that primarily benefits NZAC


 Fox GlacierClayton Garbes VOTY 2009: Fox GlacierNominations will only be accepted from NZAC sections, and must be signed off by the relevant section chairperson. Any current NZAC member may make a nomination to their section, using the following form Nomination Form (PDF 20kb)

Winners List

2015 -
2014 - Terry Cole (Australia Section)
2013 - Lindsay Main (Canterbury/Westland)
2012 - Richard Knott (Central North Island Section)
2011 - Grant Piper (Canterbury/Westland Section)
2010 - Chris Munro (Auckland Section)
2009 - Clayton Garbes (Canterbury/Westland Section)
2008 - John Salisbury (Auckland Section)