In Memoriam

The New Zealand Alpine Club was formed in 1891 and between the years 1892-1896 no obitiuaries were recorded in the Club's annual Alpine Journal. While the Club itself ticked along over the ensuing years, the Journal was not published again until March of 1921. It is from March of 1921 onwards that the recording of members who had passed, began.

Excerpt from the March 1921 Alpine Journal

"Time passes on. Twenty-five years have elapsed since the Alpine Journal last appeared and during that time many of our climbers, old and young, have crossed over the Great Divide to the "other side". the war has cut deeply into the younger men, but Death has also levied its toll of the pioneers and of the older generation of climbers. Our list is not by any means complete, but we intend to refer to a few." 

Members known to have lost their lives in the Great War - WWI

William Brass (born 1888) killed in the Dardanelles during the Gallipoli campaign 

John Robert Murrell (born 1886) killed 1918 near Gouzecourt Wood, France

James Robert Dennistoun taken prisoner of war and died of his wounds in a German Hospital 1918 

Member names relating to their obituary notices in the Alpine Journals 1892-1987 volumes 1-40 are included in our current Journal index. Pages from that index are available here in PDF format: Obituaries 1891-1987 (PDF 790kb)

As a new edition of the index has not been published since 1987, the names of members who have passed from 1988 onwards are listed here in PDF format:
Obituaries 1988 to 2013 (PDF 70kb)

In Memoriam

Sample obit from NZAC Alpine Journal June 1939, volume VIII No. 26, pages 118-123

 1866-1938Hugh Francis Wright:
"In H F Wright, the Club has lost one of its greatest figures. As a mountaineer he had a magnificent record, and no member could have played a more important part in the affairs of the Club.

The son of a schoolmaster on the Otago goldfields, he was born at Naseby in 1866. His childhood on the goldfields seems to have stamped him with vigorous self-reliance, and from this period his appreciation of Nature seems to date.....

...His notable climbs include the first ascent of Arrowsmith, the first complete ascent of the Linda route on Cook, and the first ascents of Coronet and Meeson. He also took part in the second ascent of Davids Dome and the attempt on La Perouse, which yielded the first ascent of Jellicoe and Lowe..."

Obtaining copies of articles, or Journals

A full set of NZAC Journals is available for viewing at the NZAC National Office, Christchurch, NZ in the reference library.

Many past Journals are available for purchase. Please see this webpage for a list: NZAC Alpine Journal - past

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