NZAC hut fees information and payment

Help us to help your mountain huts – please pay your hut fees

In general Base Lodges (excluding Unwin Lodge) are $20 for members and $35 for non members, Alpine Huts $10 and $20 and Backcountry Huts $5 and $10. There is a more detailed price structure here for: Unwin Lodge.  

NZAC have a specfic agreement with DOC over hut fees for Aspiring Hut, French Ridge Hut, Colin Todd Hut and Esquilant Bivvy. The prices are listed on the following link.

All fees should be paid to the National Office or to the hut warden. When paying hut fees by post, please use the Accommodation Payment Form, available in most huts, or downloadable by clicking on the form image (PDF 444kb). Clearly state the name of the hut and the number of bed nights for members and non-members for whom payment is being made.

Fees can also be paid online using Visa, MasterCard, or via internet banking here: CLICK HERE TO PAY HUT FEES 

Members Rates

Discounts will only be given on proof of membership so please carry your NZAC card. This is especially important at huts where there is a warden who will charge non-member's rates unless you can offer evidence of membership.

Children's Fees

Fees for Unwin Lodge here.  For our other huts / lodges, children aged 10 years and under are free. From the ages of 11 to 17 the following rates apply. For children of Members $10 at base lodges, or half the applicable Members fee at our other huts. For children of non-members $20 per night.

Day Use Fee

Day use is classified as any use of a hut excepting overnight sleeping. For example, using hut showers or cooking in a hut is considered to be Day Use. The day use rate is $15 per day, regardless of membership status.

Hut Etiquette

When using a hut, please:

  • Sign the hut book on arrival and departure.
  • Respect the comfort of other occupants, and assist in keeping the hut clean and tidy.
  • Note the location of the fire extinguisher and how to use it.
  • Note the locations of the fire exits and be familiar with any hut fire plan posted on the wall.
  • In huts where a warden is present, give him or her your fullest cooperation. Any occupant not behaving in a responsible manner may be directed by the warden or a Department of Conservation Officer to leave the hut.
  • Report to Club Administrator or the Accommodation Committee any damage or deficiencies in hut supplies.
  • Members have priority over nonmembers in the use of Club huts. This right should be exercised tactfully when a hut is found to be fully occupied by other users whoever they may be.

Before leaving a hut, please:

  • See that no perishable food is left in cupboards.
  • Ensure that all non-biodegradable material is carried out.
  • Leave ample firewood for the next party. Cut no live trees.
  • Securely fasten all doors and windows.
  • Check that all fires and primuses are extinguished.
  • Sweep floors, clean benches, prop up mattresses.
  • Pay your hut fees
  • Respect the Runholder's property - do not disturb stock - leave gates as found.