Membership Rates

The annual membership is fantastic value for money with a standard fee of only $110.00.


The current Standard Membership is $110.00 (26yrs and over) 

Student/Youth and Senior

For those up to 25yrs, or full time students over 25yrs, there is a discount to $80.00. Please provide your date of birth, or a photocopy of a student ID card or other proof, with membership application or renewal.

Senior members over the age of 65 also receive a discount and pay only $80.00.

Family and Partners

Couples, partners and family living at the same address may opt for a group membership to save more money. Only one set of Club publications will be sent to the primary member of the group and other members pay only half price:

a) Primary family member. Select an applicable category, either primary-standard ($110.00) or primary-student/senior ($80.00)

b) Additional family members. Select an applicable category for each additional member ($32.50 veteran, $40.00 student, $40.00 senior, or $55.00 full). 

Overseas Members

Overseas members need to include a $25 postage levy with their subscriptions to help cover the huge cost of posting publications overseas.

Veteran Members - Loyalty Discount

Those people who have belonged to the Club for more than 35 years are entitled to a discounted rate of $65.00 for standard membership. This is a big encouragement to keep your membership current and up to date at all times.

How Are the Rates Set?

The rates are determined by the Club Committee which is made up of section reps from around the country. Included as part of the membership subscription is the Section Levy, which currently comprises $10 of the total subscription cost. The Section Levy is used to fund the activities of the local Section that the Member joins.

Life, Honorary and 50yr Veteran Members are not required to pay the annual subscription.

When paying their subscription, Members can make optional donations to the Overseas Climbing Fund, Rock Climbing Bolting Fund and/or a voluntary donation to the Club