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21 September 2015 - 9:45am

Have you done a new route in New Zealand (alpine or rock)? Been on an overseas climbing expedition?

Explored new passes or rarely visited valleys on skis or foot?

Or do you have some mountain-inspired art, photography or poetry you'd like to share with the world?

30 September 2015 - 11:15am

NZAC Mountain Photography Workshop 3-7 Dec 2015 based out of Unwin Lodge, Mt Cook. Registrations now open and limited to 8 places. Be in early to secure a place.

Click on this link for registration and information

24 September 2015 - 5:02pm

The results for the 2015 NZAC Photographic Competition have been announced! View the winning entries here.

Thanks to all the keen photographers who entered this year. There were many strong images; always a reminder of the incredible places and moments club members are witness to in their adventures.

The NZAC 2016 Photographic Competition Calendar, featuring winning images from the competition, will be available in the coming weeks.

1 September 2015 - 7:03am

The Hunua Ranges were re-opened today following the application of toxic 1080 bait to block one of the pest control operational area.

Visitors to the parks are reminded to observe safety signs at all times and not to touch any baits they may encounter. Dog owners are advised to avoid taking dogs into the area until the caution period is over and warning signs are removed, this will be some months away.

28 August 2015 - 3:12pm

Media release

Small eruption possible but unlikely on Mount Ruapehu

Cooling temperatures in the Mt Ruapehu Crater Lake has resulted in DOC and GNS Science keeping a closer eye on the volcano.

With Mt Ruapehu in its current state, there is a small chance a minor eruption may occur sometime in the next few weeks. It must be noted the likelihood of any eruption is not high and normal operations for visitors to the area were continuing.

20 July 2015 - 9:28am

Seminar on Mountain Tourism Safety


Welcome Speech by Ang Tshering Sherpa, President, NMA - Mountain Tourism Safety in Nepal (40.45kb) PDF

2 July 2015 - 3:49pm

The New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) has condemned the practice of one-armed pull ups and the plainly absurd idea of climbing on power lines. 

“Doing one-armed pull ups is extremely painful and is likely to cause injury. Climbing on power lines is even worse.

17 June 2015 - 7:12am

Dear Mountain Partnership Members and Friends,

9 June 2015 - 11:41am

Unwin - digger preparing tank bedUnwin - digger preparing tank bed