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 (past issues below)February 2015 newsletter: (past issues below)

The Otago Section is based in Dunedin but has strong support from Wanaka and Queenstown and other Central Otago areas.


Chairperson - Danilo Hegg
Secretary - Keith Moffat
Treasurer - Jaz Morris
Newsletter - Tiffany-Ann Stephens
Trips - Anna Seybold
Speakers - Polly Camber
Rock Climbing - Lindsay Smith
Instruction - Jaz Morris
Equipment - Aaron Whitehead
Wanaka Rep - Martin Curtis

Section Trips

The section runs a range of trips throughout the year and included here are several information and planning documents for trip leaders. All are in PDF format.

Trip Gear List (PDF, 59KB) | Trip Guidelines (PDF, 9KB) | Risk Management for Trip Leaders (PDF, 42KB) | Standard Trip Participant List (PDF, 5KB)


otago [at] alpineclub [dot] org [dot] nz
Postal Address: Otago Section, New Zealand Alpine Club, PO Box 409, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand

Otago Section Facebook page


Anyone interested in the Club or its services can visit the regular section meetings on the first Wednesday of the Month, 7:30pm, in the Otago University Staff Club, Union Street Central, North Dunedin

Hut Responsibilities: 

 2005 Work PartyOld Esquilant Bivvy Removal:
2005 Work Party
The Otago Section are responsible for the Aspiring Huts Agreement and as such the following huts come under their jurisdiction: Aspiring, French Ridge, Colin Todd, Cascade and Esquilant Bivvy.


The section sometimes organises section beginner instruction courses and these will be advertised in the section newsletter.

Other information: 


All newsletters are in printable PDF format. If you are unable to view this format please visit the site to obtain a free download of the software.

2015: Feb (1.67mb)

Past Issues

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Sep (935kb) | Oct (750kb) | Nov (707kb) | December deleted

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Aug (1.5mb) | Sep (551kb) | Oct (771kb) | Nov (569kb) | Dec (962kb) |

2009: Feb (722kb) | Mch (632kb) | Apl (697kb) | May (402kb) | June (573kb) | Jul (781kb) |
Aug (757kb) | Sep (865kb)  | Oct (74kb) | Nov (767kb)Dec (709kb)

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