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Published quarterly, The Climber reports on new routes, access, people, huts, environmental issues, equipment, safety issues, training, techniques and books, as well as New Zealand Alpine Club news and in-depth feature articles.

The Climber now has a website of its own, at The site features content from the most recent issues, and forums where you can discuss climbing matters.

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The Climber is free with NZAC membership.

The retail cover price is $9.95 per issue.

An annual subscription within New Zealand is $28 for four issues (saving nearly 30% on the retail price). An annual subscription elsewhere in the world costs $53.

Single issues, including many past issues, can be bought online. A complete list of available issues is here.

The Climber is also on Facebook.

Reviews, featured in the Climber, of publications sold on this website, can be read here: Climber Book Reviews

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