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A significant milestone for NZAC

We just paid the final installment of our mortgage on the “Home of Mountaineering” – the HQ building in Christchurch. We are freehold!!
It has been 10 years since NZAC purchased the building and our mortgage payments have been roughly equivalent to what we were paying in rent at the former office (which was reduced to rubble in the earthquakes, btw).
The Capital Gain on HOM has been significant – so among other things NZAC is a half-decent property investor. To all those who have served on the Club Committee over the last 10-15 years – congratulations on your decision making and stewardship.
To all members of NZAC, we would love to see you here at YOUR club HQ. Call in for a visit at 6/6 Raycroft Street, Opawa, Christchurch.


Posted: 11/01/16

Posted By: Sam Newton