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The Darrans

Hidden away in northern Fiordland, the complex range of granite peaks that make up the Darran Mountains provide unlimited opportunities for the adventurous climber.

Whether you aspire to sport climbing, alpine rock climbing, big mountain routes or technical ice climbing the range and quality of established and potential routes is exhaustive.

Tutoko (2746m) dominates the northern part of the range and has routes from various direction which are generally long and rather difficult. Mt Madeline (2537m) can be climbed from the Tutoko valley.

To the west, Mts Grave (2230m) and Pembroke (2000m) are reached from tributaries of the Harrison River.

In the central and southern Darrans the mountains are relatively low (few are over 2200m) and there is little glaciation. Bivvy rocks are usually used as climbing bases. Many excellent and difficult rock climbs are available, and the peaks have easier, though sometimes intricate, routes as well. The country is generally very steep and there is snowgrass on many climbs. Mt Te Wera (2326m) which is rather inaccessible, is the highest of the central Darran peaks.

In the Lake Adelaide area, Sabre (2167m) is the usual objective.

Mts Crosscut (2320m) and Christina (2502m) are usually climbed from Homer Hut in the upper Hollyford valley. Mt Talbot (2110m) is another fine peak in this area.

To the south of Milford Sound is the well-known Mitre Peak (1692m) and the Llawrenny Reaks (1933m). Sheerdown Peak (1871m) overlooks the Milford Road.

South of the upper Hollyford valley are Mt Moir (1965m), Pyramid Peak (2325m) and others.


The Darran Mountains
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