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Annual NZAC Climbing Camp – Tukino

By: Elisha Watson

Just after the rush of Christmas and New Year, a bunch of keen rock climbers headed up to Mount Ruapehu for a week of climbing. Tukino hut is (I believe) the highest altitude hut in NZ with road access. However, not everybody had 4WD to make it up the 4WD track, though some smaller vehicles valiantly made it up to the top. For the first few days the group headed over to a crag (the name escapes me now) about 35 minutes walk away from the hut. The climbing gurus were busy route-setting and the rest of us were more than happy to second them. A couple of days later the action shifted over to Master Angus and the Tascmaster.

The real drama of the camp occurred on the last night, when American tourists got stuck in their 4WD off-road up the mountain. They managed to somehow get in touch with the Army base nearby and get picked up. It was all very entertaining to watch and capped off a fantastic week climbing.

For details on the 2018 NZAC National Summer Climbing Camp at Tukino please see the event details here: 

Posted: 26/02/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland