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Arthur’s Pass Lodge – History

Arthur’s Pass Lodge Management


History Timeline


Items to be addressed at the next work party can be found under the Management header.

– John Henson: cleared the blocked stormwater drain. Hut users cleaned out the gutters.
– Jan: John Henson and Marcus: re-supplied hut, changed door code and did the lawns. John replaced the faulty lounge lighting with LEDs.

– Sep: John Henson installed 10yr battery photoelectric smoke detectors.

– Nov: John Henson (Electrician) glass removed from fire test switch to allow hut users to test for new WOF manual requirements, tested and completed the compliance folder book for the month. He also changed broken outside light by the toilet and completed the rear step. Compliance certificate supplied for electrical work done.
– New Building WOF requirement that the first visitor in a calendar month signs the WOF manual (white folder under owner’s inspections) after testing the fire alarm bells and checking the smoke alarms. Any issues, please report to Margaret at National Office: email. Spare batteries are in the store cupboard on-site for any smoke detector issues, but please advise when/if these are used. New inspection folder on-site with revised Hut Etiquette requirements to comply.
– Oct: Work-party gave hut full head to toe clean, replaced porch lights and installed new power points in the kitchen and lounge. New step installed outside the bathroom external door due to drop to the ground.

– Dec: New dehumidifier installed Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX-A1-W. Loose shower head re-secured to the wall and new door lock installed. Lawns cut.
– Nov: DOC reported the dead tree that had branches hanging over the power lines to the lodge, has now been removed.
– Oct: work party replaced Microwave with new Panasonic 32L and did general cleaning up work. Noted a large dead tree is over-hanging power lines but requires abborist to remove. Also, the dehumidifying unit has failed and requires replacement.
– July: WorkHero dry canister vacuum purchased

– Dec: new dehumidifier being installed
–  Nov: lawn mowed, smoke detectors checked and cleaning products re-stocked. Hut reported in good order.
– March: near-new keypad lock unit installed to replace faulty unit
– Feb: new Breville BTA425  toaster, all five smoke detectors replaced and bathroom heater repaired.
– Jan: bait stations refilled

– December: repairs to soffits carried out by Keith Dekkers. Also rubbish removed from underneath lodge and kitchen window repaired.
– November: New Westinghouse 4U600W Mercury Oven installed.
– Drying room shelf reattached and all shelves re-screwed. The door lock was cleaned as had been sticking. The angle soffit over the window is 90% complete and lets in more sun. Dented gutter repaired and a big cleanout of rubbish was done. Perspex used to cover broken kitchen window only as the window is not worth repairing, but due for replacement. Kitchen vent pipe checked and sealed roof as best as possible, but leak may not be coming through from roof.
– July: New lounge curtains hung.

– CW Section, April work party of 7: new frames and padded squab backs for lounge seats ($200); newfluoroo lights installed in each of the bathrooms; night-light installed at the entrance to the bathroom; complete wash-down and clean of the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and bedrooms; old kitchen utensils/pots/pans/crockery replaced with new ($130); new tap and fittings for under bench bathroom tap to allow for drip feed to prevent water pipes freezing in winter; proposed sealed dry area on deck measured and assessed; 4-year plan for kitchen installation/aluminium windows/appliances assessment done; lawns weed-whacked, overhanging branches cut and trees trimmed.

– CW Section, April work party of 10: repair cost to section $5500; replaced rotten wooden lounge windows with new double-glazed, thermal-brake windows; installed 2x heaters on timers (bathroom) and put in an extra extractor fan; complete wash-down of bathroom – repainting of ceiling/walls; installed 1 new powerpoint each in the warden’s room, lounge and bathroom; weed whacking and lawn mowing around lodge.

– New heater in lounge, old pots and pans replaced, zip repaired and new kitchen drawers installed.

– Changed bunk room configuration and added shelves. Polystyrene heating panels installed under the floor.

– Rear wall of lodge bathroom rebuilt due to moisture problems. Stormwater work, shower floor tiled, window repaired and roof painted after rust-proofing.

– Insulation fitted to underside of lodge to improve warmth.

– New bunkroom double glazed windows fitted. Bathroom tiled.
– Additional half-wall of clear Perspex added to dry area on porch

2004 – Electrician visit to fix various small problems around the lodge.
2003 – Installation of new heater.
2002 – Installation of new sewage scheme, $15,000. New fridge bought, $417.
2001 – New carpet and mattress covers installed, $4,000.

– 5 July land bought by Club by fee simple title, Section 128 of 1006 square meters for $12,000. 3 May Conservation Covenant signed by Club.

1990 – Exterior walls re insulated and reclad with hardiplank.
1988 – Construction of new indoor toilet and shower area, $14,800.
1987 – Renovations to kitchen, lounge and bunkrooms completed.
1985 – Bunk wires replaced with slats.
1983 – Talk of a new sewage system for school tce comes to nothing.
1980 – Hut painted inside and out, new toilet dug.
1979 – Alan Wilson acting as warden.
1957 – New lease for land from the Government direct.
1951 – First lease from the National Park Board for the building of a hut in Arthurs Pass National Park.

– Memorial plaque for hut “In Memorium” “Let us not forget the mountaineers who fell in the 1939-45 World War. May we, who love the mountains, be inspired by the memory of their sacrifice to preserve and protect our alpine heritage.”

– The Canterbury/Westland Section completed building this hut during 1948. The official opening was held in December, but the hut had already been in use for some time previously.

June 1947 NZAC Journal: Arthur’s Pass Hut

The government subsidy for a memorial hut has now been fixed at a pound for pound. We have forwarded an application for a grant of £500. The design has been finalised – a flat-roofed hut of malthoid lined with pinex, with accommodation for 35. We are ready to start as soon as a building permit can be secured. This matter has been taken up for us in Wellington. We expect to be able to start shortly.

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