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Arthur’s Pass Lodge – Management

Arthur’s Pass Lodge History


Hut management is coordinated through the National Office. Please contact Margaret if you discover any maintenance issues, not listed below, that require attention. Work parties are usually carried out by members of the Canterbury Westland Section

The NZAC request that eco-friendly products are used (where possible) for work party tasks and when re-stocking cleaning supplies for day-to-day use.


Work-party tasks


Priority tasks:

  • Soffits generally in poor condition – holes and gaps.
  • Leaking guttering at the back of the kitchen.
  • Battons missing on the back wall of the hut.
  • Water-pipes may freeze in winter – solution?


General tasks:

  • check 5 photoelectric detectors with 10yr battery installed Sept 2018
  • check bait stations (done 2019) *spare bait in storage
  • grass needs cutting (done January 2019).
  • Annual cleanout of gutters (done May 2019)
  • The first visitor in a calendar month to sign the WOF manual (white folder under owner’s inspections) after testing the fire alarm bells and check the smoke alarms. Any issues, please report to Margaret at National Office: email. Spare batteries are in the store cupboard on-site for any smoke detector issues, but please advise when/if these are used.

The next work party for Arthurs Pass will be: TBA

Please contact the organiser if you are interested in helping out: John Henson


Future Upgrade Work


Priority tasks:

  • leak in kitchen ceiling (kitchen vent pipe sealed Nov 2014, but unsure where leak coming from). The kitchen ceiling is sagging and water leaks in around the extractor fan onto the kitchen bench and floor. This requires a bucket to be left in the kitchen to catch the water, but it tends to get moved out of place.
  • replacement roof with better insulation
  • 4-year kitchen replacement plan – includes aluminium windows and new appliances. The plan is that the Accommodation Committee and National Office work together to assign $5000 per year towards this project from 2013. The leak situation would need to be attended to before any upgrade work, given the water comes into the lodge through the kitchen ceiling. Priority then would be to start with the roof, ceiling and window repairs to make the lodge weather-tight.


Less urgent tasks:
Arthurs Pass taps on bathroom basin so close hard to wash hands - replace whole sink

  • bathroom taps are so close to the basin you can’t get your hands under them, the whole basin would be better replaced with a more
    functional unit
  • better quality curtain rails required on the two main lounge windows
  • conversion of the second bunkroom to similar layout as the first one

Note that full supplier details can be obtained through the National Office, e.g. customer and/or order numbers. Major expenditure items require pre-approval via CCM/National Office. Work-party reimbursement requests should be accompanied by GST receipts and payment details. Similarly, supplier GST invoices should be forwarded to the office when they are not going to be paid by the Section directly.


Compliance and Safety Requirements

  • Building WOF completed annually by: Fire Fighting Pacific, Christchurch. They supply a copy for us to send on to the Selwyn District Council: current expiry 1 July 2020
  • One 3×3 fire blanket stored in the kitchen
  • Fire Extinguishers serviced annually by: Wormalds, Christchurch:
    2 x 2.5kg powder extinguishers serviced June 2019. Note: replaced every 5th year so both replaced with new in 2016.
  • Smoke detectors x 5: 1 in each bunkroom and warden’s room (3), 1 each in lounge and hall. Detectors all replaced with 10yr battery photoelectrics in Sept 2018.
  • The first visitor in a calendar month to sign the WOF manual (white folder under owner’s inspections) after testing the fire alarm bells and check the smoke alarms. Any issues, please report to Margaret at National Office: email. Spare batteries are in the store cupboard on-site for any smoke detector issues, but please advise when/if these are used.


Waste System

General Rubbish
Lodge users are asked to remove all rubbish and unused food when they leave the hut. Please ensure the hut is left clean and tidy for others. NOTE: There are two recycling stations #1 is located opposite the Arthur’s Pass Alpine Motel #2 is located on the campground adjacent to the public toilets. Please recycle where possible. Selwyn District Council Recycling Station locations Arthur’s Pass

Sewage System
The lodge septic tank is a Z54, it is a rectangle tank with 3 chambers that have 3 lids (one to each chamber) on risers. Installed 7 November 2002.

Z54 owners manual PDF

E Can recommend that a tank this size getting normal household use should be pumped out every 2-3 years. The tank was reported to be at the normal working level and in good working condition at its March 2019 service by Leech Drainage, Darfield. Next service due 2021.


Water System

On Arthur’s Pass Township supply with a UV treatment plant beside the lodge.

Water heating for bathroom via Rheem HTE 575-2 cylinder (Date: DR5218) EA/300m, 300-litre capacity and a Rheem Lazer water unit for the kitchen above the bench. All installed 2005.


Rates and Fees

Selwyn District Council annual rates paid quarterly by National Office



Electrician: John Henson CW member, or Aotea Electric Westland Ltd, 23 Lord St, Greymouth, 03 768 4949.

Mattresses: Dunlop Foams NZ, ChCh Consumer phone 09 828 5169 Note: size 1900 x 900 x 100mm, no zip, fire retardant inner 33-140 and cover Vitachek as per government standard

Power: Electricity supplied by Contact. New ‘Smart Meter’ installed Feb/Mch 2017.



Dehumidifier Dec 2016: Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX-A1 

Fridge 2002: Fisher and Paykel P120 bought in July 2002 from the Powerstore in Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch for $417.78. Broken by somebody defrosting freezer unit and repaired for $300 Dec 2003.

Heating: Bathroom heating – 2 heaters on timers (2012). One replaced February 2015.
Lounge wall-mounted panel heater Siemans 3kw (2011 – repaired 2019), plus one other panel heater (as in image) (2017)
Heating calculations – Main Room Volume: 7m x 6m x 2.4m = 100.8m3
Heating Required: V x Insulation Factor = 100.8m3 x 79 = 7.96kW

Insulation: Pink Batts ceiling and walls. Insulation installed under the floor in 2006 and Expol polystyrene heating panels added 2010.

Keypad: near-new keypad lock unit installed March 2015

Microwave 2016: Panasonic 32L microwave WH ST641WQPQ

Stove 2014: Westinghouse 4U600W Mercury PDF manual

Vacuum cleaner 2016: Workhero CD 2 vacuum PDF manual and warranty

Weedeater 2005: Black and Decker Bench Top electric 250 watt/230v/12000rpm GL430 online manual



Carpet: replaced 2001

Bunk mattresses: re-covered 2001 (see above for new supplier and product details when being replaced)

Lounge squabs replaced in 2013

Lounge curtains replaced 2012

Shower curtains replaced 2019

Wall Decoration: Ice-axe found in Arthur’s Pass



Access: via keypad with code available from National Office, or by booking online. The code is changed monthly by a local volunteer. Instructions for changing the code available from the National Office.

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