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Auckland Quarry is closed for climbing until further notice

Please note the Auckland Quarry is closed for climbing until further notice as advised by NZAC Auckland Section member Peter Cammel:

Earlier this evening I was informed by The Board of Auckland Grammar School that the Quarry is closed for climbing until further notice. The closure applies to both the Long and Short sides and is immediate.
My understanding is that the requirements of Health and Safety Legislation have placed The Board and Officers in a potentially invidious legal position in the event of an accident. I understand immediate closure was recommended until a solution can be found.
Writing this notice is one of the saddest moments of my climbing career, which started in 1974 at the Long-side on Dalrymples Groove and continues to this day.
I am incredibly appreciative of firstly the enormous financial and volunteer effort both by Auckland Grammar School and the climbing community that has been made over the last few years, to improve safety (from rock and climber falls) and access (tracks and fences) for climbing and secondly for compliance with the innovative access arrangement we have had in place for seven years that has resulted in improved respect for land-owners, behavior by climbers and safer climbing.
In the past The Board has been supportive of climbing, and hope the closure will be temporary. Representatives from the climbing community lead by the New Zealand Alpine Club Auckland will commence consultation in the near future in an attempt to find a workable solution.
Please, respect the closure and apply some focused energy to helping us get our playground back.

Posted: 16/06/17

Posted By: Ashlee