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Cascade Hut – History

Cascade Hut
Martin Curtis with windows for replacement at Cascade Hut

Martin Curtis: new windows pre replacement Nov 2016

Bob White: finishing touches to new windows

Bob White: finishing touches to new windows Nov 2106

Roof Replacement: old and new going up

Roof Replacement: old and new going up March 2015

Martin Curtis painting

Martin Curtis: painting Oct 2013

Bob White new tongue groove timbers
Prep for new tongue n groove floor boards: Bob White (image: Martin Curtis) Oct 2013


Hut management is coordinated through the National Office. Work parties are usually carried out by members of the Otago Section

History Timeline

– Toilet door reported as dropping on its hinges and no longer shutting properly. Martin Curtis will repair next time he is at the hut.

– Funding from the Outdoor Recreation Consortium Fund was used for the re-lining of right-hand bunkroom by Martin Curtis and Bob White. Completed late 2017. The right-hand bunkroom fireplace was repaired at this time also.

– Martin and Ross Curtis drained and cleaned the water tank, fitted new washers and silicone the tap outlet in December.
– Funding application from the Outdoor Recreation Consortium Fund was used to build new windows and frames. Like for like in appearance and treated timbers made by Bob White. Installed November 2016 by Bob White and Martin Curtis.
– two new mattress covers and one replacement mattress sent to hut. Homemade covers made for remaining mattresses by Kay Curtis.

– Funding application submitted to the Outdoor Recreation Consortium Fund for a new roof granted for $2938.26 + GST. This job was completed in late March 2015 at a cost of $3365.38 + GST, the over-budget final cost being covered by NZAC.


– October, Martin Curtis and Bob White repaired rotten floorboards, the hole in the floor of the right-hand bunkroom, checked sagging roof (found it is still sound) and completely repainted the outside walls.

– Cascade Hut constructed following fundraising by the Otago Section of £166 that enabled the purchase of two huts on the Waipori Dam site. These were dismantled by a working party prior to Easter and transported by pack horses from Niger to the current site by Mr H C Barker of Glen Dhu. The single hut was constructed into two rooms each with a fireplace and four bunks with a shed between for the storage of packs and firewood.

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