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Centennial Hut – History

Centennial Hut


The hut is managed on behalf of NZAC by the Department of Conservation, under what is known as The Westland Agreement.

History Timeline

History Timeline
2015 – CCPF Repair Project was completed in March. Centennial Hut Maintenance Report 2015
2014 – Funding via the ‘Community Conservation Partnership Fund (CCPF)’ has been applied for to cover repair work proposed for the door, windows and deck. Work to be carried out by Keith Dekkers, Max Dorfliger and Sandy Sandblom.
2013 –
2012 –
2011 –
2010 –
2009 –
2008 – Work planned for improvement of toilet system.
2007 –
2006 –
2005 –
2004 – Reconstrucion of enlarged decking and improvement of handrailing. Repaint of interior of hut.
2003 –
2002 –
2001 –
2000 –
1999 – September – approval given for the construction of the warden’s quarters and restoration of the solar power system.
1998 –
1997 –
1996 –
1995 –
1994 –
1993 – Hut completed and open for use.
1992 –
1991 – Centennial of the Club’s founding in 1891.
1990 –
1989 –

Further historical information can be found on Bob McKerrow’s blog: ‘Building of NZ Alpine Club Centennial Hut’

The idea of a high hut on the Franz Josef Glacier surfaced during a ski mountaineering trip by the “Rumdoodle” party comprising Bob McKegg, Lindsay Wood, John Gooding, Alex and Diane Parton, and Margie Swainson in September 1989.

It quickly became clear that the timing for such a project was just right. As well as there being a real need for a hut in the area, the Alpine Club’s Centennial was only two years away, the Westland National Park Management Plan provided for a hut on the upper Franz Joseph nevé, and Bob, Lindsay and Alex were keen to take the project on.

A large amount of work was then required to raise funds, select and obtain site approval, finalise the design and organise construction. A substantial bequest of over NZ$12,000 was allocated to this project. The funds had been kindly left to the Club by Ruth Adams, as a thank you for the assistance given to her during the La Perouse Rescue of 1948

Centennial Hut was officially opened by the Honorable Denis Marshall, Minister of the Environment, at a ceremony at Franz on 5th February 1994. It had taken a little over four years to build from conception to completion, and spanned the Club’s 1991 centennial year.

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