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We hope you don’t have to claim, but if you do fall sick, have an accident, gear stolen or whatever else constitutes a claim, it is not a difficult process provided you follow some simple instructions. However, before leaving home, scanning your NZAC policy certificate onto a smart-phone or notebook is strongly recommended so that it can be readily emailed  to Allianz Global Assistance New Zealand Limited (“AGA”) should the need arise.

If during your journey you are hospitalised, require evacuation or repatriation services, need to make alternative travel or accommodation arrangements or have lost your baggage or money, please notify Allianz Global Assistance as soon as possible via the 24 hour emergency number.  A single call will put you directly in touch with a doctor or travel specialist who will be able to assist you and confirm cover available under your policy.

Reverse charge call through telephone operator

+64 9 347 1120

When calling, please quote your full Name, your Master Policy Number (718001660, 718000895, 731000000 or 731000001), the certificate number issued by NZAC, Period of Insurance (leaving home/returning home dates), any Endorsements or Medical conditions approved, and whether you are on Plan A, B or C. If you have a problem calling collect, call direct and retain evidence of expenditure to submit with your claim form later.  Ideally, if a copy of your NZAC certificate can be emailed or faxed to “AGA” that will speed up confirmation of cover.  Email:  or Fax: +64 9 356 1882.

Please understand that “AGA” may have to call you back before authorising any medical treatment or assisting with other arrangements as cover needs to be verified.  This usually only takes a matter of hours providing all relevant information is provided when you make contact with them.

If “AGA” is contacted for a medical emergency, once cover is confirmed, the bills can be guaranteed by them so it is not uncommon for hospital bills to be sent directly to “AGA” for processing.  However, you will be required to pay the excess of NZ$250 directly to “AGA” if you have no other self paid expenses to claim, from which this amount can be deducted.  Should you receive any bills direct, please forward to NZAC’s broker Sandra Grant for “AGA” to action.

For non-medical emergency claims, it is usual to pay any additional expenses then claim for reimbursement when you submit your claim.  However, should you require advice or assistance with any arrangements please inform the Assistance Company so they can include details for “AGA” to consider and provide direction on.

All claims require a claim form to be fully completed, and sent directly to together with a copy of your NZAC insurance certificate.  Sandra’s firm Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Limited handles all claims on behalf of NZAC.  She can also be contacted on +64 (0)7 855 0772.

For claims involving reimbursement of medical expenses, receipts will be required to prove that expenditure has occurred.  If claiming for numerous items, please complete a AGA Schedule of Costs and ensure that receipts are attached for all amounts claimed and legible.  Too often photographs of receipts are illegible, which causes delays to claim processing.  Also, do ensure that attachments are of kilobyte size, not megabyte, because large files can present a problem for recipients.

For damaged property, photographs showing the damage can be useful along with any Property Irregularity report from the carrier (if relevant to the loss).  A quote to repair or a statement confirming the item is beyond economical repair/unable to be repaired should be obtained. If an item cannot be repaired or has been stolen, a written quote/estimate to replace with an equivalent item should accompany the claim form.

Proof of purchase by way of receipts will be most important, because the rate of depreciation applied will depend on actual age of the item claimed for.  If no proof of purchase supplied when claiming, the rate of depreciation is greater.

A Lost property/Police complaint form should accompany the claim form for lost/stolen property.  If it is not possible to report the matter to the relevant authority and obtain a written report, some other written verification should be obtained e.g. from a tour operator, carrier or the likes and an explanation provided as to why this could not be done.

Claims are invariably settled by direct credit into your nominated bank account, so you need to supply your bank account details (including SWIFT & IBAN codes and bank address if not a NZ domiciled bank account) when submitting a claim.

All claims must be notified within as soon as possible and in any event no later than 30 days after the completion of the journey. If you do not contact “AGA” this may affect the acceptance of your claim.

The above is a simple summary of “AGA’s” requirements. For full details of “AGA’s” claim procedure, please refer to the policy wording and claim form for additional requirements.


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