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Climbing News – North Otago Section

By: Nick Shearer

Source: North Otago Section Newsletter (May 2018)

Murray and Bronwyn Judge, and John Hamilton attended the Otago Southland/ Canterbury rock meet at Long Beach. Participants camped at the Long Beach hall and had a social evening including a BBQ meal on the Saturday night. It is shame this get-together is not taken advantage of by more climbers.

Over the last few months Murray and John have been busy at Long Beach and Doctors Point. A short slab climb at 17/18 on the Manhattan Wall has been added. This can be accessed via Polaris with a little traverse. Further right a two-pitch route can be accessed by rapping in from the top of Hell’s Kitchen or climbed via the via Ferrata chains leading across past the start of Hell’s Kitchen, a juggy 30m 17/18 first pitch. The second pitch is yet to be climbed; there is a tricky bulge yet to be conquered.

At Doctors Point Murray has put up a 25m 18, downgraded by Bronwyn to 17, an access 12, a set of stairs, plus another 20m 16. John put up a 25m 14 traversing climb which has yet to have its final clean. Several trailer loads of dirt and sand were shovelled to expose the underlying rock leaving a nice heap on the beach below these climbs.

Work is ongoing to create a series of climbs from the beach on 20m of untouched rock.

Nick and Dara Shearer and Clare and Kevin Kearney climbed Mt Kohurau.

Nick Shearer had a day trip to the Thurneysen Glacier on the southern flanks of Mt Barth, Canyon Creek, Ahuriri Valley.

Hugh Wood has been botanizing in the hills around North Otago.

Overseas News

Sam Henehan climbed to within 500m of the unclimbed summit of Omi Tso Go 6332m in the Rolwaling District, Nepal.

Posted: 31/05/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland