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CNI Easter Weekend Trip

Source: CNI March Newsletter

We had an impromptu outing near the end of March on Easter weekend.  We had some Auckland NZAC members join us in some initial outdoor outings for them. I invited along some visitors from Switzerland as well.  Froggatt was the place. cni rock trip2

Meanwhile, my son who had opted to come along was busy giving me heart attacks climbing around at the top of the rocks.

We started by poking around at Pupeke Boulder as a demonstration of protection available at the top of the climb. This was because the climb around the back of that boulder had an easy alternate way up to the top.  We practiced making oneself “safe,” setting up a belay station, and other things.

We look around slug for a while, but eventually we mosied on down to the back of Animal Biscuit Gulley. There we went up and down checking out different climbs and finally ending up on Honeycomb wall. While there, we practiced technique, climbing, bouldering, and generally had a good time.

Finally we were treated to a fantastic sunset.

sunset cni

Posted: 15/04/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland