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Esquilant Bivvy – History

Esquilant Bivvy

Original Esquilant Bivvy Removal



Flight Lieutenant W R (known as Pat, or Bert) Esquilant – killed in an alpine accident on the Weisshorn, Switzerland, 24 August 1946. The original hut being built with £100 left in his will for “the erection of a climbers’ hut in the alpine country of the South Island”. His mother also donated a further £100 towards this project the following year.


History Timeline

– March: DOC repaired window and door, spring-cleaned and serviced toilet tank.They also raised the idea of changing the building type from bivvy to hut.

– Climbing camp held in the region at the beginning of the year.

– Biv included under the DoC/NZAC Aspiring Agreement.

– Old biv demolished and removed.

– New contained tank fly out toilet constructed on site.

– Replacement new second hut constructed?

– Easter completion of replacement hut by Southland Section – 31 members in working party. Built with the assistance of funds accumulated in the Darren Hawes Memorial Fund. The new hut was built to view the West Peak that Bert Esquilant climbed and had a great respect for.

– Death of Darren Hawes after a fall from Leary Peak. He had recently brought to the attention of the Southland Section’s Committee, that the bivvy was in need of repair

– Building of Esquilant Bivvy with funds donated by the estate of Bert Esquilant that specified the hut be built as “a high hut for climbers beyond the reach of trampers“. An account of the construction can be read here: Esquilant Bivvy construction PDF

– Bert Esquilant killed in a climbing accident in Switzerland

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