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NZAC Governance Proposal – Member Vote


The Club Committee:

  • established a reference group and directed it to review the Club’s governance structure and propose any recommended changes;
  • received and approved the resulting report on Club governance, including the governance changes recommended by the reference group;
  • directed the reference group to prepare an alternative set of Club rules that would enable those recommended changes to be implemented;
  • received and approved the resulting draft rules; and
  • directed that the draft rules be put to a vote by all members.

That vote will be held between 27 August and 7 September 2018.

Voting will be conducted via an online voting platform called OpaVote. Each member will receive voting instructions and a unique voting link via email. Details below.


Step Description Date
1 President email to all members regarding governance vote 16 July 2018
2 ‘Go live’ for governance vote webpage and email address for member queries 16 July 2018
3 Roadshows at Section evenings:





25 July 2018

9 August 2018

13 August 2018

4 Vote period – electronic voting via Opavote 27 August to 7 September 2018
5 Result notified to members Week of 10 September 2018
6 If carried, transition plan commences 1 October

Resources for Voters

Full links for hyperlinked text at end of the post.

  1. Basic information regarding the governance review and the proposed changes can be found here.
  2. Key documents from the reference group can be found here:
  1. The notice of proposed rule change, revised rules and transition plan underpinning the proposed changes can be found here:
  2. There is a video explanation of the changes available for those who cannot attend one of the roadshow events here:


If you have further specific questions after reading the documentation and watching the video, you can email them to [email protected]. Queries will be addressed by the reference group.

If you have questions about the voting process, you can email them to [email protected] or the National Office.

Voting – Email registration

The vote will be an online vote, requiring every member to have an email address. This is the only practical and affordable way for us to manage a vote of this size. If you do not have an email address registered with the office we will contact you via the post or through an email to the primary member of your family group. If we contact you please please advise us of your selected email address by emailing [email protected] with the following info:

  • The member name
  • The email address to be used
  • Whether you wish to receive our President and General Manager e-newsletters and other electronic news
  • If this is not your email address, please let us know so we can erase it from our records after the vote. Otherwise, the email address will remain in our system and you will receive membership renewal reminders electronically. You will only receive other news if you specifically opted into this option above.

The registration must be completed before 5 pm, 22 August to be eligible to vote.

Voting – Process and Timing

Every member who has a registered email address will receive an email in August with instructions on how to vote. The software is called ‘Opavote’, so look for emails from this company. Each person can only vote once, from their unique link and the email should not be forwarded to others (it will only work once).

The results will be available in mid-September.

Special Voting

For those who are unable to vote online between 27 August – 7th September there are special voting forms available by request from the office. These must be requested by 5 pm on 22nd August. A request for a special vote form will void your electronic vote. The special vote forms must be received back in the office by 5 pm on 7th September, when all voting closes.

To request a special voting form please either call the office (03 377 7595) or email [email protected]

Documentation full links

  • Summary and Q&A sheet:
  • Governance report:
  • Governance issues table:
  • Draft rules:
  • Governance transition plan:
  • Notice of proposed rule change:
  • Video explanation of proposed changes:
  • Further queries about the governance changes:  email to [email protected]
  • Further queries about the voting process or to register an email address:  email to [email protected] or [email protected]



Posted: 11/09/18

Posted By: Karen Leacock