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Homer Hut – Management

Homer Hut History


Hut management is coordinated through the National Office. Please contact Margaret if you discover any maintenance issues, not listed below, that require attention. Section of record responsible for this hut: Southland Section. The NZAC request that eco-friendly products are used (where possible) for work party tasks and when re-stocking cleaning supplies for day-to-day use.


Work-party tasks

  • cut/stack firewood and purchase coal (okay for winter 2019)
  • check smoke detectors are working – 10yr battery life-photoelectric detectors 4 installed 2018
  • check bait stations x 2 and refill with Pindone pellets as required (contact National Office for more supplies)
  • Note: The NZAC only supplies toilet/floor cleaner and cleaning cloths. Hut users are expected to supply their own toilet paper, cleaning products and t-towels.

The next work party for Homer Hut – TBA Please contact the organisers if you are interested in helping out: Al Walker and Ron McLeod


Future Upgrade Work

  • two further solar panels to be installed, likely summer 2019-2020

Note that full supplier details can be obtained from the National Office, e.g. customer and/or order numbers. Major expenditure items require pre-approval via CCM/National Office. Work-party reimbursement requests should be accompanied by GST receipts and payment details. Similarly, supplier GST invoices should be forwarded to the office when they are not going to be paid by the Section directly.

Compliance and Safety Requirements

  • Fire Extinguishers serviced annually by Wormalds, Dunedin: 3 x 2.5kg and 4 x .9kg powder extinguishers serviced November 2019. Note: All 7 were replaced with new at the 2016 check, so will be due again for replacement in 2021.
  • One fire blanket on site 2016. Two additional new 1x1m fire blankets purchased 2017.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms x 4: 1 in each bunkroom (2), 1 warden’s room (annual work party to ensure these are working). Installed July 2018.


Waste System

General Rubbish Lodge users are asked to remove all rubbish and unused food when they leave the hut. Please ensure the hut is left clean and tidy for others. Sewage System There are 2 x 3000-litre holding tanks located directly under the exterior toilet units. Servicing is booked with Gore Septic Tank Cleaners for the end of February annually. Next service due Feb 2020

Water System

This lodge has 2x 5000ltr dark green water tanks with Leaf Eater Ultra 80/90mm dual fit kits and 25mm plumbing kits.  Hot water is supplied via a Califont heating unit complete with an electric pump unit and header tank in the roof cavity, to the warden’s shower. A wet-cell battery powers the pump unit. Wastewater runs from gully traps into two soak pits. One receives sullage from the warden’s area, the other from the kitchen and external sink.

Rates and Fees

  • NZAC have a 30yr concession with the Department of Conservation. The current concession is dated 1 March 2013 to 28 February 2043. We pay Annual Management and Activity Fees for this concession to DOC.



  • Builder: Keith Dekkers
  • Firewood: Southland Section organise
  • Mattresses: Dunlop Foams NZ, ChCh Consumer phone 09 828 5169 Note: size 1900 x 900 x 100mm, no zip, fire retardant inner 33-140 and cover Vitachek as per government standard
  • Plumbing: Frys Plumbing Ltd, Te Anau (supplier and fitter of Califont hot water heater 2019)
  • Power: Solar Panels Thermocell panels with one extra 250-watt panel with MPPT solar regulator on mounting frame supplied by Sustainable Growing Solutions (South) Ltd, Balclutha Feb 2015
  • Gas supplied by Elgas, Invercargill 0800 435 427 We have 6 x 45kg gas tanks (weigh 90kgs full). Two tanks at a time are hooked up to the hut. Two spares are stored separately for emergency due to the remote location. No need for ‘Location Test Cert’ as long as the four aren’t stored together and while each pair remains at least 5m apart. Elgas deliver tanks to Northern Southland Transport (Trojan Holdings) who ship them to their Te Anau depot for the drop of at Homer. There is a drop-off set up with Elgas for two tanks at the end of Nov and end of March each year. Wardens need to take the empties for collection out to the road-end, then pick up the full tanks after delivery. Note tanks weigh 90kgs full so not a one-man job. Gas tank situation as at Nov 2018 – 1 in use, 3 replacements supplied, 2 other full tanks – 6 total that must remain separated in pairs 5m apart.


  • Fridge: none in the main area, but small one installed 2015 for Warden’s in their room (note this takes 12 hours to come up to temperature when first turned on)
  • Heating: 2x Yunca Blenz multi-fuel solid fuel burners
  • Water Heating: Califont gas water heating system (2019)
  • Insulation: insulation and firewalls installed 2005-6 (see history)
  • Stove: Serada gas hobs (2) on common room bench and 1 in warden’s area (2005)
  • Radio: run by solar power


Bunk mattresses: 2006 Curtains: 2006 Seats and tables: 2006


Access: open hut, warden in residence during summer months and bunks no able to be booked Lighting and radio powered by solar panels Homer kitchen 2014Homer bunkroom 2006

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