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Homer Hut Work Party 2018

Over three weekends in November, a volunteer team of 11 held a work party at Homer Hut.

The first weekend was spent on cleaning down the inside of the Common Room, then polyurethane was used to re-coat the walls, ceiling and shelves. The window surrounds were undercoated, seats and doors prepped and painted. The dry wood was stacked in the shed and the fire extinguishers removed for their annual service. They also managed to prep and paint the outside front and end walls on the outside of the hut.

The following weekend a load of cut wood was delivered, along with a delivery of coal. The Common Room was put back to rights with a new shelf added for extra plastic food bins. Lampshades were fitted. The serviced extinguishers were reinstalled, while the empty gas cylinders were taken out for exchange. The photos were removed from the hut to be refurbished due to staining on their frames.

On the last weekend, the remaining tasks were completed: return to the hut of full gas cylinders, door closers fitted to the bunk rooms and some extra cutlery was brought in.

Our sincere thanks go to Ron McLeod, Al Walker, Carl Johnstone, Hugh Rowe, Neil Couley, Alan McGee, Ant Leathart, Maree Wilkins, Kate Hugeveen, Holly Walter and Sarah O’Neill for their hard work. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our volunteers in keeping our huts maintained for the benefit of all members. Images supplied by Ron McLeod.

Posted: 21/11/18

Posted By: Margaret McMahon