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Japanese Alpine Club – Hiroshima Section visit New Zealand

We were lucky enough to have 4 members of the Japanese Alpine Club – Hiroshima Section visit New Zealand for a week in March. Mr Kanamori (Section Chair), Mr Taga (Chief Exchange Program Committee), Mr Yamauchi (Exchange Program Committee) and Mr Itoh (Overseas Liaison Staff) met with the NZAC Executive Committee Chairman, Geoff Gabites, and the General Manager, Karen Tait. We enjoyed a wander along the slightly wet Port Hills before a very fruitful discussion about the workings of the two clubs at the Home of Mountaineering. They then left early the next day for an overnight trip to Unwin Hut and Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, where the sun came out and they have wonderful day exploring the area.

20170321_100317The reason for the visit was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hiroshima Section, and to encourage stronger relations between the two Alpine Clubs. We were excited to learn that they regard the NZAC as one of the top three Alpine Clubs in the world. It was interesting to compare challenges and similarities, especially around aging populations and increasingly time poor members and how best to cater for them.

They tell me that they had a wonderful time in New Zealand and look forward to seeing some of our members in Hiroshima for a return exchange soon. If you are interested in organising a trip for some of our members to meet them and explore the Japanese Alps then please contact Karen at the office.

Posted: 05/04/17

Posted By: Karen Leacock