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Land use and land cover change explored in Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park, Nepal.

A recent publication by NZAC member Rodney Garrard (based at the University of Bern) and coauthors explores such diverse topics like climate change, local resource use, resource conservation, and mountain tourism development in the Mt Everest region from 1992 – 2011.

Rodney outlines: “climate change is one of several factors that have triggered land use and land cover change in the region. In our paper we differentiate the nature of these factors according to their origin (global to local) and whether they have long-term or short-term effects on the sustainability of the National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site”.

The research involved significant on-the-ground analysis of the areas dynamic environmental conditions, and importantly a detailed understanding of the local residents concerns and observations. This kind of information is critical if we are to improve management of such areas that aid local conservation and development.

The link to the paper can be found in the Mountain Research and Development Journal 36 (3): 299-310. doi:


Posted: 18/11/16

Posted By: Kester Brown