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This is not a comprehensive list, but covers many of the activities more commonly asked about.

See the full AGA NZ Alpine Leisure Policy (378kb) for all exclusions.

Please note that you are not covered for any of the sports/activities below if you are competing or engaging as a professional (exception – Professional Guides Insurance).  No sporting equipment is covered whilst in use.


Excluded (unless as a standard part of rock climbing or canyoning or carried out with a licensed operator).




Yes, provided it is below 5 metres and Mid-Risk Plan B is taken.

Bungy Jumping



Canyoning can be insured if carried out with a licensed operator under Plan B.

Canyon Swing


Deep Water Soloing

This is an excluded activity however cover may be approved on a case by case basis.  Please advise details of your trip and activity to NZAC.

Diving Using Breathing Apparatus

Excluded unless you hold a NAUI or PADI diving ticket.  You are also covered if you are learning to dive with a qualified diving instructor.

Hang Gliding / Microlight Flying



Yes, provided Mid-Risk Plan B cover has been purchased and you are flying as a fare paying passenger in a helicopter licensed to carry passengers, flown by a pilot licensed to carry passengers.

Hot Air Ballooning




Kayaking / Rafting

Kayaking on lakes or sheltered waters is insured.

White water rafting and / or kayaking and / or black water rafting up to and including Grade 4 rivers is insured.


Generally yes, but each application is assessed on its merits.  If you intend kite surfing for more than 7 days during your journey and/or you are taking your own board and kite, please supply details of where, when, and the number of days you intend using your board and kite.  AGA will then assess the risk and advise terms.  Also, under the policy’s liability Section (5), AGA will not be liable for your legal liability for injury or damage caused by or in connection with: “(v) watercraft other than a rowboat, surfboard, sailboard, body board, water-ski or model boat.


In most cases yes, please put details of your intentions on your application form and each case will be assessed.

Mountain Biking



Yes, provided High Risk Plan C policy has been taken.  Up to a maximum of 7000m.

Ocean Yachting

Yes, but only within 25 nautical miles of mainland.  Further offshore is excluded but cover will be considered on a case by case basis.

Parachuting / Sky Diving


Paragliding / Parasailing


Potholing (caving)

Excluded.  If walking into a cave for 1-200 metres with no ropes/abseiling involved it is covered e.g. in a tourist cave tour.

Rock Climbing

Yes, provided Mid-Risk Plan B policy has been purchased.  Where the ascent of the rock face is expected to take more than one day or if snow or ice may be encountered, that is considered mountaineering and you will need to purchase the High-Risk Plan C policy.  Also, solo ascents (bouldering below 5 metres excepted) are excluded.


Yes, this comes under the definition of Rock Climbing and Mid-Risk Plan B policy is required.  However, climbing on snow or ice or taking ice-axes and/or crampons then you would require High-Risk Plan C policy for mountaineering.

Skiing / Snowboarding

Yes.  However, if skiing outside of ski resort boundaries and/or heli-skiing, Mid-Risk Plan B policy must be purchased.


Excluded unless accompanied with a licensed guide.  If you are the pilot of the snowmobile, note you are not covered for personal liability and are advised to take out any 3rd party insurance offered by the tour operator.

Sport Climbing

Yes, provided you have taken Mid-Risk Plan B policy.



Trad Climbing

Yes, provided you have taken Mid-Risk Plan B policy.


Yes.  However, if intending to go above 5,000m during your trek, Mid-Risk Plan B policy must be taken.  If intending to go above 6,000m, High-Risk Plan C policy will be required.

Via-Ferrata Climbing

Yes, provided you have taken a Mid-Risk Plan B policy.

White Water Kayaking / White Water Rafting / Black Water Rafting

Excluded in Grade 5 or more rivers.  Any river Grade 4 or less is covered.

Windsurfing / Sailboarding


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