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Matt Humphries NZAC Volunteer of the Year

By: Erin Noonan

Source: Southland Section Newsletter (Dec 2017)

Our very own Matt Humphries has earnt the title of NZAC Volunteer of the Year for his continued commitment to the club. Matts drive and enthusiasm to encourage beginner mountaineers into the mountains has resulted in a vibrant outdoor southland climbing community.

He has lead the way in developing the Southland sections annual events calendar, with a full range of trips aimed at catering for all members’ alpine abilities. Through his club trips he has managed to bridge the gap between experienced and less experienced mountaineers, to keep those with stiff joints climbing alongside young enthusiastic climbers, and to foster an inclusive environment to encourage more female climbers into what has historically been a male dominated pursuit.

On any club trip Matt can be found at the back of the pack, ensuring the least fit or experienced member of the team is not left behind. He is the first to offer words of encouragement, a hand or a rope up an exposed section to those with shaky legs, and the most likely to leave his camp food behind because he has been too concerned with ensuring the welfare of everyone else on the trip. On more than one occasion Matt has sacrificed his own summit attempt of a significant peak to remain with a member of the party who has run out of courage and stamina to tackle the last couple of pitches. It is these selfless acts that ensure the party feel safe and cared for on every trip.

Thanks Matt for all your hardwork and dedication to the club. And congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl, Mabel!

Posted: 22/03/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland