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NZAC Announces Funding for Six International Climbing Expeditions

NZAC announces funding for six international climbing expeditions.

NZAC General Manager Sam Newton has announced today that six grants have been made from the NZAC Expedition Fund, in support of Kiwi climbers embarking on a variety of international climbing expeditions.

“This is the largest number of overseas expeditions that NZAC has funded for some time. All of them are aiming to make first ascents of summits, ridges, faces or routes,” Mr Newton said.

“Amongst these Expeditions, there is a healthy mix of hard technical routes in the mountains (Peru), remote mountain exploration (Afghanistan and Alaska), and hard adventure rock-climbing (Faroe Islands),” he said.

“All the recipients are experienced climbers in New Zealand and it is great to see them using this experience to push boundaries in the international arena.”

The recipients and their expeditions are:

  • Jack Grinsted, Jason Blair and Dave McKinney – New route on the Troll Finger sea stack, Faroe Islands.
  • Pat Deavoll – First traverse of Langua-e-Barfi (7017m) and Koh-Langar (7076m), Wakhan Valley, Afghanistan (with Ted Callahan).
  • Graham Zimmerman – First ascent of the west face of Celeno Peak (4083m), Wrangell-St Elias range, Alaska (with Chris Wright).
  • Steve Skelton and Ben Dare – New routes on Taulliraju, Chacraraju, and Caraz II, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.
  • Peter Harris, Jaz Morris and Rose Pearson – First ascent of the west ridge of Taulliraju, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.
  • Steven Fortune, Daniel Joll and Matthew Scholes – New direct route on the southwest face of Taulliraju, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

The New Zealand Alpine Club Expedition Fund broadly operates on a donations-in, grants-out basis. Applications to the fund are considered by a committee of experienced international expedition climbers from within NZAC.


The New Zealand Alpine Club was formed in 1891 and aims to promote and support climbing at all levels within New Zealand. The club has over 3,400 members, and five full-time staff based at its headquarters in Christchurch. The scope of its activities are broad including publishing, the provision of 17 alpine huts and base lodges, instruction, advocacy, insurance and support for overseas climbing expeditions.


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Posted: 09/03/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland