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Memorial Service for Russell Braddock

Louis and family have set a date for Russell’s memorial service to be held in New Zealand.

This will be in Wanaka (venue yet to be decided) on the afternoon of Saturday 9th July.

Of course people may not be able to attend, but may want to send a message. They can either make a post on Russell’s Facebook page, or send an email to this address – either way it will get to the family. Louis has asked that if you bring or send flowers, please pick them from the garden – Russell would hate to see money wasted at a florist.

Louis, Alex and Jane will be coming back to New Zealand this week after a cremation and service in France tomorrow (Tuesday 28th).

While insurance will cover things in the long run, the family are faced with the immediate costs of travel and such. If you’d like to make a contribution to help out, this can be paid into the following account. Please put your name as a reference so the family can then reimburse you or at least know to send thanks if it’s given as a donation. Or leave blank if you prefer to remain anonymous.

All the best

Nic Blennerhassett
on behalf of Louis and Alex Braddock

Posted: 28/06/16

Posted By: Margaret McMahon