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A fresh look at the sustainability of air access in Westland and Aoraki Mount Cook national parks

By Shane Orchard This year marks the start of a review process for two of our iconic parks. The result…

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Xuanwu Peak (5300m), in the Shuangqiao Valley, Sichuan, China. In October 2014 David Hood made the first ascent of the south-west ridge of Xuanwu Peak.
Photo by Ola Przybysz

NZAC Travel Insurance – Update

From mid December 2015 when the AGA policy started until end the of September 2016, 383 policies have been issued. …

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South Australian Co-ordinator appointed for NZAC Australia

NZAC Australia has appointed a South Australian Co-ordinator, Marcus Pickett Hello fellow NZAC members in South Australia! Are you, like me,…

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