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NZAC Alpine Journal Digitisation Project

Dear All,

On behalf of NZAC Publications I am seeking your support for the NZAJ Digitisation project, which when completed will provide freely accessible digital text for New Zealand Alpine  Journal 1892-2012.
Some background. NZAC aspired for a few years to digitise the New Zealand Alpine Journal, but did not manage to raise funds to complete the work. In 2015 NZAC accepted an offer from Dr Claudia Posch and colleagues at Linguistics Department, University of Innsbruck to digitise the New Zealand Alpine Journal. NZAC provided a set of NZAJ 1892-2012 and they have been scanned in Innsbruck and 17,500 pages processed through Optical Character Recognition software (Transkribus). Visual check of the 17,500 pages has identified the pages that require manual correction of blemishes arising from either imperfect scanning of each page, or during the optical character recognition process. We are raising funds to enable that work to be completed.
The project has so far been funded solely by grants obtained within Austria. NZAC members can now help bring this project to completion by making a monetary contribution to the Givealittle campaign as advertised in the recent NZAC President’s Update. The Givealittle site is at

As well, there is opportunity to become a volunteer editor of the project and to help manually correct the digitised text of NZAJ 1892-2012 using Transkribus. If you are keen to contribute as an editor please contact me and I will coordinate this effort. Three NZAC members have so far volunteered to help as editors, more will be welcome.

Our hope is that funds raised by NZAC members, plus volunteer editorial input, will enable digitisation to be completed during 2018 and NZAJ become readily accessible online alongside other alpine journals such as the American Alpine Journal, and soon the Canterbury Mountaineer.

Many thanks if you can support this project. If you have any questions about the digitisation project please let me know and I will endeavour to answer them.

Ross Cullen
Convener NZAC Publications Committee

Posted: 20/02/18

Posted By: Ashlee