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NZAC General Manager Resignation Notice

NZAC General Manager Sam Newton has announced that he will step down from this role to take up a new position with the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA). In his new role as NZRA Advocacy Manager he will be working closely with the outdoors sector and Government to raise awareness of the value of the outdoors and to ensure the sector’s views on regulatory matters and other important issues are heard.

Sam has performed admirably in his role as NZAC General Manager, shouldering the responsibility of continuing to build the professionalism of the Club and expanding the scope of its operations. Developing and maintaining relationships with key organisations such as the Department of Conservation and Sport NZ have been a feature of his tenure as General Manager, as has the development of our annual planning process. Losing Sam is sad as we have benefited from his talents for four years. However, we are also proud that the professionalism of our organisation means that our General Manager is sought after in the wider recreation sector. We congratulate Sam on his appointment as NZRA Advocacy Manager, and look forward to working with him in his new role. NZRA Chief Executive Andrew Leslie said Sam Newton’s broad knowledge of the outdoors and background in advocacy would enable NZRA to provide a strong voice for the outdoors sector.

We are now embarking on the process of appointing a new NZAC General Manager. Should this opportunity appeal to any of our members, please contact NZAC president Penny Brothers to express your interest.
Dr Penny Brothers


New Zealand Alpine Club


Posted: 03/03/16

Posted By: Margaret McMahon