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NZAC Huts at Level 2 & Level 3

Our NZAC huts remain open at Level 2 with guidelines for use.

You MUST NOT use NZAC facilities if you are unwell and they are not suitable for self-isolation.

It’s important that visitors take responsibility for their own Covid-19 hygiene and safety:

  • Clean the hut and toilet before you use it and before you leave the hut
  • You need to carry your own cleaning and protective equipment to safely use shared facilities (including toilets)
  • Enable contact tracing – every user must complete the hut book. Take a picture of it if you are able for future reference if needed.
  • Practise physical distancing – 2 m for people you do not know
  • Have a Plan B in case you arrive and others are already using the facility – take a tent.

Many of the alpine huts are very small, and you will need to consider back-up arrangements in case you arrive and there are already others using the facility, in order to maintain social distancing. If it is possible to share the facility while maintaining social distance, consider discussing staggered mealtimes and common room use with other parties who are also there.

Please ensure that you check the hut page for individual information about your favourite hut. It is essential that you book at least a day before (for bookable huts) and pay your hut fees (for unbookable huts).

All of our NZAC huts will close at Level 3.

You must not self isolate at an NZAC Hut.

Keep yourself and others safe

Happy and safe adventuring!

Posted: 13/08/20

Posted By: Ashlee