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NZAC Instruction 2020

Due to COVID-19 and staffing restrictions, the NZAC instruction programme has been reduced for 2020.

Any available instruction courses are being run by your local Section and you are best to contact them for more information on what is available.

The best ways to access this information are:

  • Your local Section Facebook page – you may need to search Facebook for it. Courses are not available on the National NZAC page as they are region-specific.
  • Your local Section newsletter. These are sent to you and can also be downloaded from the Section page on this website. Click here to find your Section.
  • Some Sections have a dedicated webpage, details of which will be included in the Section page of this website.
  • Courses will not be updated on this website – unfortunately, we don’t currently have the staff capacity to complete this task.
  • If you are still stuck, try contacting your local Section committee. However, please remember that they are all volunteers most of whom have fulltime jobs. Please be patient if they take a couple of days to get back to you.

Section instruction includes things like Basic Snowcraft, Navigation and Avalanche Awareness courses. In some cases, it also includes intermediate-level instruction.

The following courses are part of the National Instruction Programme and are cancelled for 2020:

  • Leading on technical ice
  • Glacier ski-touring
  • Introduction to backcountry skiing (including the women’s specific course)
  • Backcountry avalanche courses
  • High alpine skills courses

If you want to complete one of these courses, we suggest that you contact an NZMGA qualified independent guide, or a local guiding company, and join one of their courses. As an NZAC member, you can get a discount on courses with many of the course providers. Check out the NZAC Member Discounts page for more details and join the NZAC today.

We apologise that we are not able to bring you our normal comprehensive programme of instruction. We are working hard to improve our financial situation so that we can return to normal as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Posted: 08/06/20

Posted By: Karen Leacock