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NZAC survey of recreational access issues in Aoraki Mt Cook and Tai Poutini Westland National Parks

Please take the time to participate in the NZAC Recreational Access Committee (RAC) survey on recreational access in Aoraki Mt Cook and Westland Tai Poutini National Parks. This is a great opportunity to present your views and ideas on the many important planning issues that need to be resolved in these Parks.

The Department of Conservation is entering the formal phase of reviewing the Management Plans for Aoraki Mt Cook and Tai Poutini Westland National Parks later this year. The results of this survey will be fed into the upcoming Management Plan reviews by DoC that are entering the formal phase later this year.

Some major issues to be ‘planned for’ include walking access, air access, the sustainability and level of need for huts, waste management, and climate change. These are topics where it is difficult to cater for everyone’s views as there are often widely differing perspectives. The Park Management Plans are the main tools for future planning and they include rules for different activities. The new Plans will affect how we experience and enjoy some of our most important places in future. They are also a great opportunity to provide solutions to help keep the Parks in good shape over the years to come.

The survey project aims to gather the various views of users and also provide information on how each of these challenges might be tackled. The information will be analysed for trends so please take the time to read each question as you go and answer as many as possible. This will be one of the biggest opportunities for NZAC members to have their views counted and will also form the basis of the club’s input to the planning process. Let’s help DoC make a good job of planning for National Parks and climate change —the chance doesn’t come around very often.

The survey is open to both NZAC members and non-members, so please feel welcome to forward this article or share the link. The survey period runs from 5 April to 24 April. Get involved now!

Take the survey by following the link below:

Posted: 01/05/17

Posted By: Narina Sutherland