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NZAC Travel Insurance – Update

From mid December 2015 when the AGA policy started until end the of September 2016, 383 policies have been issued.  During that period, 23 claims were notified against AGA insured policies – about 6%, but don’t forget many have yet to travel and more claims will be lodged once all travel has been completed.  Of that 23, four claims were withdrawn as below excess or no claim form sent in, and one declined there being no cover for the event claimed on.  The actual loss ratio at present is very good but that can change with one or two large claims, which thankfully we haven’t experienced in 2016.

What Peter at Alpine Risk has noticed over the years, is that those who submit claims with the correct documentation all in one email containing all receipts and/or proof of purchase, NZAC insurance certificate, and attachments with file sizes in the kilobyte range, not megabyte, their claims usually sail through processing to settlement quite quickly.  Claims that come in multiple emails, some over a period of weeks and often with large attachments, make it a lot harder for him to forward in a single compact email to NZAC’s insurer, Allianz Global Assistance.

So, if you are unfortunate and have to claim, please do read the claim procedure guidelines attached, and if you have numerous items to claim for, do complete a schedule of claim along the lines of the specimen schedule attached.  Also, when attaching photographs of receipts and the like, please ensure that they are fully legible before emailing.  Finally, do supply a concise description of your loss;  too little will result in being asked for more detail, and if you have to curtail your journey for medical reasons, do contact First Assistance for approval before making onward travel arrangements.  Some members have made travel arrangements without obtaining prior approval, and discovered after return to NZ that AGA would not approve the additional expenditure incurred.

Put simply, if members follow the proper claims procedure set out in the guidelines, claims are more likely to be accepted and settled straight away.

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