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NZAC Youth Climbing Camp 2018 – Creative Writing

The 2018 camp participants were given the opportunity to get creative and write about some climbing topics. The options were the NZAC Youth Climbing Camp, climbing in general (e.g. how did you get into climbing? why do you like climbing? Favourite climbs? etc). Some of participants creative writing is featured below.
Thanks to all who took part in the 2018 NZAC Youth Climbing Camp.

I took up climbing because my English was failing
And all Dad heard from me was complaining
I got to the top
Then I couldn’t stop
That decision was just life changing
Noah Hull

I’ve been on three climbing camps, both of which were so fun. I came on this camp because I wanted to improve my outdoor confidence and get to know some of my fellow climbers around NZ.
I climb because I love it. It’s really enjoyable and a great way to keep in shape, and to socialise with some funky people. Climbing keeps me pushing myself and always having something to work towards. It helps to not let problems push you down, even under pressure.
I feel pretty invincible when I’m climbing. I’m totally in my zone, nothing else matters, noise fades into the background. It’s the little successes as you catch each hold, and the higher you go, the better you feel. Dealing with fear is perfectly human, I try to imagine it as a ball which I crunch up and let it leave me, falling behind.
– Evie Boyd

I climb because that is the only sport that I get that exhilarating feeling that you get with climbing. The fact that it is so extreme that you are trusting you’re life on a rope. You are not limited by you’re passion, and you can climb pretty much anything. The fact you are so high up is also adding to the extreme and epic factor.
– Ryan Langstone

The NZAC youth climbing camp opened many opportunities for me. Before I flew down from Auckland to the beautiful landscape of Wanaka, I had only had only gone outdoor rock climbing once before. I learnt to trust in myself even when you mentally shut down on the wall, to savour every moment, as you don’t get to do this every day. I thoroughly recommend this camp as I have learnt a lot about climbing and myself. When I climb I feel free. I love heights and it gives me pleasure. Climbing fulfils me.
There are too many climbs in Wanaka to choose a favourite. Personally, I don’t think you can have a favourite climb. All climbs no matter the grade give me pleasure. I don’t have a favourite, I love them all.
Poppy Pett

Sending With Da Boyz
Send it is a mentality,
That is why we climb.
We don’t come to sit,
We come to send.
If we don’t send,
We go find a friend,
And project till the bitter end.
As climbers, we know,
That the send might not come
Today, tomorrow but for a time.
But one day,
Da boyz will find a way,
To send this climb.
Oscar Anderson, Fionn Blackmann, Lukas Blenkinsopp, Niamit Montgomery

I used to be scared of falling and now I love, dream and breathe climbing. I have been on 2 climbing and enjoy every second of it. From the adrenalin rush, to making friendships closer to just being free on the rock. I enjoy everything about it.
– Eliza Anderson

Grunting up the rock on holds you never thought were holdable, surrounded by giant river valleys and mountains, all your mates cheering you on from down below, it is a surreal and exciting experience.
I climb because it takes me to amazing places, to places where most people have never been and never will be. I climb for the feeling of freedom and for the feeling of determination as you move from hold to hold. The experience of topping out your project that you have been working is simply incredible. The focus you can get into is one of the best feeling ever. The feeling of being in the zone, when everything blanks out around you and all you feel is the texture of the rock and each individual muscle moving and straining to keep you on. I climb because it feels like nothing else you can ever experience.
What I have learnt while being on the camp is to not go straight into things. It is important to pace yourself, figure out where you’re at, start off on sixteens and later on start sending twenty-fives. The last thing you want to do is lose some gear because you were stupid enough to try and send a 35.
Climbing has become a necessity in my life. Without my climbing fix, it feels like I can’t go on anymore. I have gained some life long friends through climbing who I can share the same experiences with, talk the same climbing language and send some insane stuff. Climbing is just my life.
Henry Booker

Learning as you go
Adrenalin rush
Dreading it but anticipating it also.

Crimps + jumps = catastrophe
Long, tiring day at the crag
Inching upwards abominably slowly
Magnificent walls rising to the sky
Balancing on a miniscule foothold
Nuts, bolts and cams
Great day out, but also exhausting.
– Willow Cook

I climb because when I was 12 I got shin splints so I couldn’t run anymore. So I started to climb, and now 4 years later, I’ve never looked back. Despite being able to run again, climbing is still my number 1. My favourite climb was the climb that John Hammond taught me how to do hand and finger jams on (I don’t know what it’s called). I’ve been on two camps. The first when I was 15. I’ve made so many great friends and made many amazing memories. Outdoor climbing is incredible and challenges me like no other sport, both mentally and physically.
– Rebecca Kerr


Posted: 11/01/19

Posted By: Ashlee