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Paparoa National Park Management Plan Review

The 24-year-old Paparoa National Park Management Plan is currently being reviewed. Over the past few months DOC has been undertaking the review in consultation with treaty partners Ngāi Tahu and local Rūnanga Ngāti Waewae, the West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board, and the wider community. The review process is now getting close to completion with submissions having closed on the draft plan (available here). 

In the draft plan there were considerable issues raised concerning the treatment of climbing and recreation in the park more generally. However there were also several possible avenues by which these could be addressed. In response several NZAC members were active in the pre-draft consultation stage and the formal submissions stage. In addition, submissions were prepared by the NZAC Recreation Access Committee (RAC) and Executive Committee, the NZAC Canterbury Westland Section, and several other NGOs with interests in the New Zealand outdoors, including NZRA and FMC.

A copy of the NZAC RAC and Executive Committee submission is available here: NZAC Paparoa NPMP Submission

In the final stages of the review process DOC is conducting an analysis of submissions and preparing a revised draft plan that will be forwarded to the Conservation Board for their consideration. The Conservation Board then makes recommendations to the New Zealand Conservation Authority who will ultimately approve a final plan. Keep an eye out for the outcome near the end of the year as the plan will undoubtedly contain new management arrangements for climbing in the park. These are timely and the focus of the current review process is to ensure that climbing is enabled and managed in a sustainable way, consistent with the wider objectives for national parks.

–Shane Orchard

Posted: 19/09/16

Posted By: Kester Brown