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Awards and Trophies

All photographs have the opportunity to be awarded the awards and trophies as listed below.

There is a Champion photograph selected from each of the six categoriesWinners of these also receive sponsor prizes.  There are also Honours awards from each category selected and the recipients will also receive prizes from the sponsors.

John Harrison Memorial Trophy

John Harrison Memorial Trophy – Overall Champion Photograph

This trophy is a painting by Lois K Cook of Mt D’Archiac donated (in 1969) by friends of the late John Harrison who was killed in an avalanche during the Mt Rolleston rescue attempt 23 June 1966. This painting was missing for some time but was rediscovered hanging at Unwin Lodge at Mount Cook. It was brought back to Christchurch in 2009 and now hangs in the National Office Reference Library.
The trophy is awarded for the overall champion photograph, irrespective of category. Initially, this award was for the ‘champion monochrome print’, but colour is now included in the judging.

John Harrison Memorial Trophy Winners

Guide Alack Challenge Cup 

In 1948 Frank Alack donated a challenge cup to encourage a higher standard of mountain photography. The cup’s whereabouts is currently unknown. (No image of this award is available). Clarification on judging of this award was received from Frank in August 1953 as follows: ‘The landscape photos can be ruled out. I would really like competing photos to be those taken during the act of mountaineering, but if you interpret that as I do, that is requiring some equipment, footprints, or figure. It eliminates some really satisfying close-up views in actual climbing so that I feel the rules must be slightly flexible to include this type of entry.

2014 Guide Alack Challenge Cup.

In 2014 Peter Garrett, on behalf of Alpine Risk Management, kindly donated a replacement cup for this award. The cup is awarded for the most outstanding photograph of mountaineering, not purely depicting alpine scenery hence why it is open to entries from multiple categories (as judged by a mountaineer).

Guide Alack Challenge Cup Winners

Dorflinger Trophy 
In 1980 Wally Dorflinger (1918-1998), who was a keen photographer of alpine flowers, donated a wooden carving of the native New Zealand flower of the (Dactylanthus Taylorii), or Wood Rose as it is commonly called. The ‘Natural History Trophy’ was the intended title of this award, but the committee voted this idea and instead went with the ‘Dorflinger Trophy’. This trophy’s whereabouts has been unknown for many years, therefore the award was replaced by the Erica Beuzenberg Memorial Award in 2009. (No image is available for the Dorflinger Trophy).

Dorflinger Trophy winners

Erica Beuzenberg Memorial Award

Erica Beuzenberg Memorial Award

Kindly donated by NZAC members Paul Corwin and Sally Widdowson for the 2009 Photographic Competition. This award is of the New Zealand native parrot (Nestor notabilis), or Kea as it is commonly called. Carved in wood (Photinia), with wings outstretched. The carving was created by local sculptor Andrew Lyons from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Erica Beuzenberg was a well-known New Zealand climber and guide who was tragically killed on Ball Pass, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand on 3 March 2005. This award is for the most outstanding Alpine Nature photograph.

Erica Beuzenberg Memorial Award winners

Alpine Recreation Youth Award – Youth Champion

For the 2009 competition, a new Youth category was created in memory of Gottlieb Braun-Elwert. The prize for this category is a Ball Pass Crossing (or credit to the same value towards an Alpine Recreation climbing course). This is donated by Gottlieb’s family, who continue to run the Alpine Recreation guiding company.

Gottleib Braun Elwert Youth Award winners

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