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Pioneer Hut – closed for four weeks in March

Members are advised that Pioneer Hut will be unavailable to use from March the 1st until March the 24th 2015. A major maintenance project is being carried out by Max Dorfliger, who you will remember did such a great job on Centennial Hut last year. The intention is improve the waterproofness and ventilation of Pioneer Hut, which has suffered from a lack of both for a few years. It is a good reminder to users of any hut – while you are in residence, take every opportunity to ventilate huts by leaving the windows open. And of course, shut them to keep the weather out when you leave. Funding for the Pioneer Hut project was provided by the DoC Communuity Fund via the NZ Outdoor Recreation Consortium.

Posted: 22/02/16

Posted By: Margaret McMahon