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Arthur’s Pass


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The Mountain ranges of Arthur’s Pass National Park are the most accessible in New Zealand, being located aside the main road/rail corridor traversing the Southern Alps between Christchurch and the West Coast. Terrain within the park varies considerably from low scree hills to heavily glaciated peaks and steep face routes.

Climbing within Arthur’s Pass National Park could be considered to epitomise all that is mountaineering, with the ‘approach’ forming a substantial component of the actual climb, and the luxury of aircraft being appealingly devoid from the park.

This guide covers broadly an outline of the standard routes on the peaks of both the National Park and the adjacent Craigieburn Forest Park. Additional sections on huts, history, alpine rock, ski touring and potential ice climbs create an invaluable resource for any climber visiting the region.

210mm x 148mm, paperback
black/white images

120 pages

Published: 7th edition 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9582791-6-1

Further information on Arthur’s Pass

Author: Graeme Kates

Graeme stumbled into Arthur’s Pass about 19 years ago on a fleeting visit from Sydney, Australia. Around the same period, he fell in love with the town and its hills. Since then he has visited the Pass on a regular basis, quietly going around ascending the various mountains and peaks in no particular order. His other climbing forays have taken him into all other mountainous regions of New Zealand, and several expeditions into South America, Pakistan and Nepal. Other past-times include vertical caving, desert trekking, music and general misadventure. In 1994, Graeme moved to New Zealand taking up permanent residence in Arthur’s Pass. Most of his major climbing accidents (i.e. not the small ones) have also taken place in Arthur’s Pass National Park in previous years.

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