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Aspiring Guides Tech Mountaineering cover

Aspiring Guides Technical Mountaineering


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Aspiring Guides Technical Manual is a distillation of state of the art mountaineering practice.

Topics are presented in a stripped-down manner, to emphasize key techniques often difficult to grasp and learn quickly. It is an excellent learning resource and a handy reference for experienced alpinists.

210mm x 148mm, paperback
colour images

155 pages
Weight: 325grams

Published: 6th edition2018
Aspiring Guides Wanaka

ISBN: none

Member feedback: A comprehensive manual that seems designed for pre/post course reference material rather than a field handbook. Most subjects covered very thoroughly e.g. excellent chapters are Avalanche and Weather. There are anomalies; such as self-arresting which is brushed over lightly. Overall offers comprehensive content & would be a great pre & post course resource.

Written by Tim Steward (IFMGA) with contributions to previous editions from Whitney Thurlow (IFMGA) and Pete James (NZMGA). Thanks also to input from Roy Smith (IFMGA), Andrea Bruni (IFMGA), Tai Naka (IFMGA) and Dan Phillips (NZMGA) 

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